What to give a guy cheap?

Your young man or good friend will have a birthday soon, and you don�t know what to give him? If you want to make a good gift that would be remembered, but at the same time the budget is limited, we will tell you what to give a guy is inexpensive, but memorable.

An interesting notebook

Try searching in stores interesting decorated diaries or notebooks. Such stationery items are always needed, the young man will often use them and remember you, and in addition it can be quite a stylish gift. The cover of such a diary can be playful or thematically decorated, for example, in the format of a book. On the fly-leaf you can write your congratulations and warm words to the birthday man.

Unusual alarm clock

Since everyone had mobile phones, the need for watches as such has practically disappeared. However, this does not mean that they should completely come out of our everyday life. You can search for an alarm clock that will be executed in an interesting form.For example, for a guy who is fond of football - in the form of a ball. Or you can buy an alarm clock that turns off only if you throw it into the wall. Useful and fun gift.

Passport cover

We go there - in the shop of funny gifts. There is a wide range of different covers for Russian and foreign passports, driver's licenses, etc. They cost inexpensive, and the birthday boy will also be using it for a long time.


Give the guy a scarf. You can give a woolen, purchased scarf, and you can tie a scarf with your own hands. In general, any gifts made with their own hands, are much more valuable than the purchase. When you do something yourself, you put your soul into it. Anyone will appreciate it.

Lighter, ashtray, cigarette case

If a young man smokes, you can give him something from the accessories for smokers.

Car accessories

Again, if the guy has a car that he often drives, you can give him some accessories in the car. It can be a battery charger for a mobile device, a special car mug-thermos, car care products, etc.Believe me, any guy will appreciate your impulse if you donate something not only for him, but also for his iron horse.

Board games

A good gift for a young guy will be fun board games that can be played by the company. You can donate a poker set, cards for playing mafia, crocodile, checkers, chess, etc.

Souvenirs with congratulations or photos

Now a lot of companies are engaged in the manufacture of various souvenirs with a design of your choice. You can order a mug, a key chain, a T-shirt with a funny inscription or with your conscientious photo. It will be inexpensive and the gift will be unique. If you do not have time, you can simply give him a frame with your joint printed photo card and words of congratulations on the back.

Whatever the gift, for any person, your main attention and care. If you cannot afford to buy an expensive gift, you can always make it yourself from scrap materials: bake a cake, sew a pillow, embroider a picture, etc.