What to give a girl?

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What to give a girl?

Before we talk about gifts, let's first find out what a gift is. So, we open and read: "A gift is a thing that a donor ... presents in order to please the recipient of the gift." The key word in all this definition is “pleasure”, which means, based on this promise, each gift should be chosen. And now let's find out exactly what can be given to a girl and what should not be given.

What can I give a girl: options


Choosing a gift for a girl, you should not be guided by the popular opinion that the best friends of the girls are diamonds. Although there is still some truth in this statement - many girls love jewelry and jewelery. Of course, the average young man is unlikely to please his beloved with diamond earrings, but a thin gold chain, a ring with chrysoprase or a silver bracelet with pendants is quite affordable. Such a gift would be appropriate to give the girl on her birthday.In more detail about the gifts for the girl on such a solemn occasion we have already told in our articles What to give the girl for her birthday and what to give for 21 years. Jewelry can be given to a girl for the anniversary of her acquaintance - in this case, for example, the article What to give a girl for a year will be useful to you.

It is not necessary to give only jewelry made of precious metals. Handmade jewelry made from natural materials - leather, bone, wood, metal or glass can also be a great gift. The main thing is that their design should correspond to the general style of the girl's clothes for which they are intended (leather bracelets with metal rivets for a fan of rock music or ceramic beads for a boho lover).

Clothes and accessories

A bag, backpack, leather belt, gloves or ladies' purse is a great gift for almost all occasions, be it March 8, New Year or a month from the date of your first acquaintance (we already told earlier about gifts for a month ). It is quite easy to choose such a gift - it is important here not to make a mistake with the style and not to give the girl, who constantly wears sneakers and jeans, a small crocodile skin.Gift

With clothes, the situation is somewhat more complicated.It’s hard on the eye, without trying on, guessing the appropriate color, size and style. There is only one way out of this situation - to sacrifice the “surprise factor” and invite the girl to the store — let her choose the dress of the size she needs.

Underwear is also included in this category of gifts - a gift, of course, very, very romantic, but having two significant drawbacks - you can give it only to a very close friend of the girl and again you can make a mistake with the size.

Necessary practical things

A beautiful bag for a laptop, a good mobile phone or a stylish expensive case for it, a player, an e-book, a camera (by analogy, you can continue the list yourself) - from this list you can always choose a thing that certainlyGiftneed a modern girl.

Cute romantic things

Girls by nature are romantic and sensitive creatures, so they love to receive various cute little things as a gift. A balloon in the shape of a heart, a teddy bear, a beautifully designed notepad with a small lock or a box of chocolates can be presented without any reason, just to please the girl on a date.


If there is such an opportunity, you can and even need to give flowers to your girlfriend at every meeting. In other special occasions, a bouquet of flowers is a must-have addition to the main gift. You can find out which flowers are better to choose as a gift in our article What kind of flowers to give to a girl.

What do not need to give girls

  • Thinking about what to give a girl, immediately put aside thoughts about mantel clocks, bringing good luck to gilded toads, figurines, lace napkins and other things like thatGiftaccustomed from year to year to give his beloved grandmother. It is unlikely that in the whole world there will be at least one girl who will be pleased with such a gift.
  • It is also not necessary to give the girl massagers, exercise equipment, bath foam, shower gels, shampoos, and even more so wrinkle creams or slimming products. Gifts of this kind may be misinterpreted - the girl will see in them a hint of her untidy or excessive completeness, and at best just a little offended, and at worst, will accept such a gift as a personal insult.
  • Unless the girl is a zealous housewife, literally obsessed with cooking and restoring order in the house, it is better not to give her mixers,food processors or washing vacuum cleaners - most girls do not feel the slightest delight at the sight of all these wonders of modern household appliances.