What to give a gift?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
February 4, 2015
What to give a gift?

When the main surprise is already invented, the question arises, what to give a gift. I want to surprise not only what is inside the package, but also what it is outside.

It is even more interesting if such gift wrapping is made independently, with love: let's talk about it below.

Packing options

Nowadays there are many places where you can order a beautiful package for a gift along with bows and ribbons. But it is much better if the packaging is made with your own hands, and precious time and effort is spent for this. In addition, only personally you can create the original packaging.


One of the easiest options is considered a paper bag. To do this, you can use wax paper or a regular newspaper. It is only important to check whether such a bag will be able to withstand the gift itself - whether it will tear. For gluing joints it is recommended to use double-sided tape, as it will be invisible. And instead of pens, you can attach a ribbon and hang a homemade tag on it.

As a tag there can be a miniature card or a postcard with wishes. The tag will be unique if you give it the effect of aging, for this you can use tea or coffee, in which you can hold the paper, and then with the help of emery paper to give the edges a shabby look.

If the gift is absolutely miniature, then it can be packed in a small box, beautifully wrapped with colorful paper and tied with a decorative rope with a tag.

A beautiful box can be created from old postcards that are stitched with strong threads along the edges. As a box, you can use egg trays, you only need to decorate them beautifully and make an attractive composition of ribbons and artificial flowers.

the cloth

In addition, you can also give a gift in a fabric design. In this case, you can use any fabric from satin to leather. If the gift is meant for a girl, then you can make a small flower over the main fabric; for a guy - make a package in the form of a shirt.