What to do when you do not know what to do?

People often fall into desperate situations. The truth is that getting into them is very easy, but getting out is a real work on your understanding of life and the problem that has occurred. But still, you can find a way out, only now it will be so painful for us, depends only on us and on no one else. What to do when you do not know what to do? The first thing is to stop feeling sorry for yourself, sensibly assess the situation, fight pessimism and fear. It is necessary to fight with your fear, which does not allow you to breathe deeply. We must accustom ourselves to look positively at the current situation and the whole world around us.

Accept the choice

It is very difficult to take a choice, and it doesn’t matter what area of ​​life it will concern. And when between two roads, we think about where to go, we are held back by the fear of the wrong choice, and we remain in the place of suffering. Therefore, you should always go forward, being responsible for every step you take, as an adult, an independent person does. You need to control yourself, learn to weigh the positive and negative consequences, accept that you too can be mistaken.

First step

Do not be afraid that you make a mistake. Try not to ask yourself a question: I just don’t know what to do in this situation, what to do? There is no such person that does not make a mistake, even the smartest and wisest man is mistaken. You need to be grateful that you have your own "chest of experience" that you acquire, since this is the most important thing in your life and it is this experience that will allow you to endure other life difficulties stronger and stronger.

So, take control of life in your hands and in no case allow fear to command your actions! Also, do not be afraid of changes in life, only in the swamp everything flows quietly and calmly, and in the mountain river is always boiling water. So, do not be afraid to leave your comfort zone! It is always worth repeating to yourself and out loud and to yourself that change is only good and any change will lead you to a new, better result. By doing this mini-training on yourself, you will begin to understand that your hopeless situation is just a situation from which there is not one way out.

Change the relationship to the problem

You are not the only person on Earth who has been in difficult situations.There are so many famous and famous people experienced by life and more serious. And how many unknown people survived? We think a lot! You can easily find several similar stories on the Internet and read how people could get out of them. We repeat once again, perhaps you just do not want to leave the usual state of your life, but this is what you need. So it often happens when people support outdated relationships, or work at a job that brings only a negative impression, because there they don’t respect you and don’t appreciate you. Why is this happening? The fact is that the reason for our hopelessness is low self-esteem. That is why it is important to understand your problem and get out of it, no matter how hard it is for us.

Work on self-esteem

When you say to yourself: I don’t even know what to do - it means that your self-esteem is greatly underestimated. So start working on it. If you do not do this, then so that you do not undertake, you will have a high probability that you will return to the former pitiable place. You need to love yourself and not be "holy", that is, allow everyone to sneer at you or substitute the second cheek for a slap.And you do not need to be lazy, because often it is laziness that creates a dead-end problem. Telling everything around your “fables” and excuses, you begin to believe in them yourself! So, think carefully about what you are saying, you may have “told” the problem yourself, and just be lazy to solve it.

Laziness is your enemy

Fight with laziness, as if she is your worst enemy! Increase your motivation, and not just say the words to the wind. You can write down possible solutions to your situation on paper. Record even the most fantastic, for example: “fly to the moon” or “Teleport someone to Africa”. All write, and read through time, you will see that of all your records are somewhat worthy of applause!

Pity away

Who has not experienced the pleasure of self-pity? “They say I'm so unhappy, pat me on the head, say that everything will be fine ...” And how it will be fine, no one asks at that moment ... You are on the contrary, set goals, forget about people that they offend you and bring only negative things in your life, even if you depend on them financially, think how to solve this dependence. Do not allow people to pity you, do not allow to admitthat you have no choice, that the fate of fate is to blame for everything, it's all not true! Look at the country's elite there, many “were beaten out” into life thanks to their strong qualities. Imagine also for a moment James Bond. Think he would feel sorry for himself in such a situation, would he sit with folded arms? The answer is obvious, that, of course, no!

We hope that you understand your problem a little and understand that for the most part, our problems are contrived and are purely psychological in nature. Therefore, if you tell yourself: I just don’t know what to do, it means you need to stop and think about everything that happens and do nothing in the process of thinking, and then go ahead and arrange your life!