What to do when a child does not want to learn

First of all, you need to find out the reason for such an incident. You can not ask questions "in the forehead," that you can scare the child away from possible sincerity, if he really has problems. Wait for time whenchildwill be most disposed for conversation, perhaps he himself will begin it.
As soon as the conversation moves in a fairly trusting direction, ask a few leading questions about how he is doing. A little push him to answer your questions, but do not push too hard - this will only scare him away. Do not give advice, but do not remain indifferent - sympathize with the words, make it clear that you understand him.
As a rule, the main reasons for falling interest in studies can be both bad relationships with peers and tense relations with teachers due to poor academic performance. In the first case, you should psychologically adjust the child to a normal resolution of the conflict and, if necessary, participate in such a way thatchildwill not know about your intervention.
In the second case, you need to talk with the teacher of the child and, if necessary, hire a tutor.