What to do so that the hair is not electrified?

In men, hair in the winter also suffers, but because they have it most often short, it is not so noticeable to others. But girls usually have medium length or long hair, so in winter they have to fight or hide split ends and protruding hairs.

In winter, we have to endure a lot of inconvenience. Not only that women can not afford to wear short cocktail dresses, without harming their health, so also the hairstyle can not be made normal.

What if the hair is electrified? The girls are mostly looking for an answer to this question when it is cold outside. As soon as the mark "minus" appears on the thermometer, the more horrible the hair begins to look in 80% of the fair sex.

Weather conditions do not allow to lay them beautifully. First, in winter, you must wear a hat, otherwise your hair will freeze and look “inanimate”. Secondly, putting on even the prettiest hat we lose our mood, since this cap deprives us of volume and, after we remove it, the hair sticks out in different directions.

It turns out a vicious circle: and without a hat is not good, but with it it is not very convenient. Probably, every girl is familiar with the problem, when, after removing the headdress, her hair is pulled. Bangs generally stick in different directions or even stick to the forehead, the hair does not have the slightest hint of volume and there is a reason for all of this.

Why is this happening?

Most of us in childhood amused ourselves by rubbing a hand over our hair, and then watching how a piece of paper was drawn to it. Now everyone knows that this is due to the fact that they can generate electric current. Of course, it does not work very much, but it is. And winter is very annoying to us.

The drier the climatic conditions around us, the more discharges the hair produces. In winter, in many rooms is not enough humidity. That even more promotes an increase in obedience of hair.

The main reason is dryness. In winter, our hair gets little vitamins, and therefore become weak. Besides the fact that they are affected by negative natural factors, so also, and we finish them off with a hair dryer and using curling irons and irons.

Also, hair begins to become electrified if a bad comb is used to care for them.They are adversely affected by synthetic materials with which they come into contact: a hat, a scarf, a sweater, faux fur.


In winter, special care is needed. To do this, you need to buy special tools for the winter period. They are more enriched with vitamins and have a lighter structure.

Your comb should be made from natural materials. Plastic increases electrification several times, and wood suppresses it. It is better to take a comb with wide teeth. Remember, you should comb your hair, not tear it. A comb made of wood is desirable to change every month.

Each manufacturer of care products has a series specifically for the winter. In them you can find an antistatic. These are sprays, which are very convenient to use, they do not take up much space either on the nightstand or in the purse.

It is enough to dust the hair several times with an antistatic before putting on the cap and that's it. You will no longer see electrified hair. It is only important to find your means. After all, the antistatic of the same company helps some girls, but not others.

Naturally, static stress can be fought with the help of folk remedies.Your allies will be essential oils: roses, bergamot, lavender. It is enough to apply a few drops on an oak comb, for example, and your hair will become more docile.

In winter, it is better to dry your hair with a hair dryer, applying cold air so as not to dry them even more. And it's even better to let them dry naturally.

Do not forget to feed your curls. Do special masks a couple of times a week and then they will be less electrified.

Useful for hair is their contrast wash. It is necessary to remove the dirt with warm water, and then rinse them with cool water. And even better, infusion of herbs at room temperature.

Try to use in the winter as little as possible to use curling irons, irons, foams and styling gels. You must minimize the negative impact.

If the hair is electrified and you need to urgently remove the cap, then your hand wetted with water will help you out. This method will help to remove stress, but you will hardly be able to put a beautiful hairstyle.

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