What to do if you pierce your foot with a rusty nail

What to do when piercing a nail

The first step is to inspect the wound, wash it thoroughly with soap and sanitize. Next, apply a bandage to the damaged area to prevent dirt from entering it. In the event that the leg began to swell, the body temperature has increased, it should be seen by a doctor. With a strong deterioration of the surgical intervention will not be avoided.

The danger of tetanus when piercing a nail

In case you stepped on a rusty nail and a deep wound was formed, then besides its treatment with an antiseptic and applying bandages, some more manipulations are needed, since on the surface of the nail could be controversy tetanus. In cases where a person has not been vaccinated against tetanus, a quarter of the total number of infections ends in death.
Infection with tetanus is dangerous because in the most serious cases of the disease, toxins along with currentIn less than a week, blood has time to get into the human central nervous system and damage neuromuscular synapses. As a result, the person infected with tetanus begins to have convulsions, and the structure of muscle and bone and joint tissues changes. Moreover, the activity of the cardiovascular system is disrupted. Due to paralysis of the heart muscle or lack of air caused by spasm of the upper respiratory tract, death is possible.
People infected with tetanus are forced to undergo treatment for three months in the hospital. Then they are observed by a neuropathologist for two years. All this time, the patient may experience the effects of the disease, such as spinal deformity, limited joint mobility, and constant muscle weakness.

Proper help with piercing your feet with a nail

The wound is thoroughly washed with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, then the place near the puncture is treated with brilliant green or iodine. Next, a sterile dressing is applied to the foot. In the near future it is necessary to go to an appointment with a traumatologist. In addition, if the victim has not been vaccinated against tetanus or more than 10 years have passed after vaccination, he needs to be given an injection of tetanus toxoid.If the injured is grafted, then it will be enough to make a foot bath with the addition of sea salt to tighten the wound more quickly.