What if skin peels off?

Human skin is the largest organ in the human body. Together with the liver, it performs a cleansing function for the body. It is through it that salts, excess fluid, and so on come out. Despite this, the skin is also the "face" of the body. According to her, you can judge any violations that occurred. In this article we will look at what to do if the skin, including on the face, peels off, as well as the causes of this problem and how to eliminate them ..

Causes of skin flaking

On the condition of the skin you need to pay close attention. She can tell about the problems present in the body. Skin can flake for several reasons:

  • Violation of hormonal background. In women, before the menstruation, the skin condition of the face often worsens due to the instability of the hormonal background. But problems can be deeper and more serious.
  • Allergy. Perhaps the most common reason for which the skin can begin to peel off. It does not matter on the face or on the body.
  • Lack of vitamins.An insufficient amount of vitamins, especially A and E, can contribute to flaking of the skin. It can also occur due to a malfunction in the body, when some types of vitamins are poorly absorbed. Because of this, there is disharmonization of the process of renewal of skin cells, which leads to such consequences.
  • Metabolic disease. For the modern world, this problem is not uncommon, because many people, because of stress and a small amount of free time, forget to eat well, which leads to metabolic and metabolic disorders.
  • Stress. Stress has an incredibly inhibitory effect on the body as a whole, it can cause not only such psychosomatic diseases and disorders, but also something more serious.
  • Fungus. This may concern not only the skin of the legs, but also the whole body, including the face. It can be picked up anywhere.
  • Various skin diseases.
  • Incorrectly selected cosmetics for body and face care - milk, creams, shower gels, foundation and other means.
  • The effects of taking antibiotics.
  • Worms
  • Dehydration.

How to solve a problem?

To get started, try to independently analyze the situation and identify the problem:

  • If you suspect that this is an allergy, try to eliminate the cause by changing the material of clothing, powder, food.
  • If you assume that it is a fungus or skin disease, go to the doctor and do not hesitate with it. Such diseases are fraught with complications.
  • If you sin on the lack of vitamins, try to eat more vegetables and fruits, drink more pure mineral water and less flavored teas and coffee.
  • If you think the reason lies in cosmetics, change it.
  • If you assume that the problem with the metabolism or nutrition, sit a couple of weeks on the cottage cheese, oatmeal, fresh juices and vegetables, eat white meat, preferably steamed. Let the liver deal with the problem yourself. You can help the body with green tea to solve the problem.
  • If hormones or worms are to blame, you should go to a doctor, otherwise the problem will not be solved.
  • Eliminate stress completely and give yourself time to rest, good sound sleep and pleasure. Very often, skin and other problems arise for this reason.

There are three ways to deal with this problem:

  • Seeking a doctor - a dermatologist or a gastroenterologist. It is best to start with a general practitioner who, after an examination, will select a specialist for whom you will be prescribed tests and will select a treatment.
  • Improving nutrition and lack of stress.
  • Local assistance - lubricate the places of peeling with sea buckthorn oil. Not only is it rich in vitamins, on top of that sea buckthorn oil miraculously nourishes the skin, leaving no heavy marks, and is quickly absorbed.