What to buy a wife?

It is always pleasant to make gifts to relatives, especially to beloved women. Of course, for this, husbands have to wrestle a lot, go shopping, consult with friends or girlfriends of the wife. But the gratitude of the second half, the joy that she will experience at the sight of the gift, is worth it. So buy a wife, how to surprise her?

On the one hand it is easy to congratulate the closest person: you know habits, interests, dreams. The task is simplified even more, if the second half itself hinted what it wants.

But if this does not happen, you will have to take responsibility for yourself and decide for yourself which one to buy a gift for his wife.

It can be said that gifts are divided into useful, impractical and unexpected.

Impractical Presents

Men in this group include jewelry. But any woman will gladly find the use of these impractical things. Especially if you try to surprise her. Choose not traditional, but modern design products. Now different pendants, necklaces are fashionable. They do not have to be gold or silver, but certainly original.Designer jewelry is expensive, but looks like a million.

The certificate for a set of procedures in the spa, with some exotic program of care, will not leave indifferent any woman.

Useful gifts

Women need so much. But, even knowing exactly the wish list of the beloved, the man choosing the gift can be on the minefield.

For example, the wife was crying that her boots had to be thrown out, and she had just seen a couple of her dreams. The delighted husband thought: "I will buy my wife boots." This is where you can run into a mine. It will be considered a gift only if the item is very expensive, branded. In any other case, the boots should be a regular scheduled purchase.

It is better to buy a wife a fur coat. True, given the variety of styles, the possible discrepancy in size, it is better to choose such a gift together. Give your wife a bouquet and explain that you will have to go for a gift. Such a turn will intrigue her, and then delight her.


Gifts from this section can be attributed to both useful and impractical at the same time.

Buy a phone to his wife is a great choice, especially for some new model. Just pay attention to its appearance.Men prefer practical models with a lot of bells and whistles. Women, it is important that the phone was also beautiful, so that it was pleasant to hold it in your hand.

A good gift will be a tablet or e-book.

Men who want to buy a car for his wife should take a few moments into account. Having defined the brand, do not forget that color is very important for a woman. But take care of the practical side yourself: the car should have an automatic gearbox and preferably parking sensors.

But in general, most women love unexpected gifts. A surprise even for a wife may be not even the desired tour, but a beautifully furnished trip to the place of the first date. So, dear men, wondering what to buy his wife, do not forget to include fantasy!