What to bring from Paris?

Daria Kudrina
Daria Kudrina
December 4, 2012
What to bring from Paris?

Paris is a city from which it is impossible not to bring anything, starting from cute little things and ending, for example, with branded clothing. So what are the lucky ones who asked for it from Paris to bring?

The first thing that comes to mind, based on my own experience, is all that you can meet, walking in the direction of Notre Dame de Paris along the banks of the Seine. There is a huge number of shops selling mostly not banal plastic souvenirs, but very interesting things, such as old books, posters, posters, mirrors and other amenities. Knowing French, you can even bargain with the sellers, if only for the sake of interest.

Be sure to - a hank of trinkets with the Eiffel Tower. They cost very little, are bought from any street vendors, and always in large quantities, so that none of your friends are offended. And for yourself and the closest you should get a couple of bigger statues.

T-shirt lovers will just need to replenish their collection with Paris Je t’aime t-shirts.The same applies to bags.

A set of postcards will help to decorate the apartment with beautiful frames, and a postcard will be an excellent addition to the keyring with the Eiffel Tower. Small pictures with views of Paris, which are sold in many places and are cheap, look very nice on the walls.

Cosmetics. Agree that it will be very, very pleasant to use lipstick bought in Paris. And it will be even more pleasant to answer the question of where you purchased it.

A scarf or a handkerchief will be a very good gift for a friend, mother or for herself. And you can buy it both in a good expensive store, and in a nice souvenir shop, - he will not get any worse from this. In the same shop you can buy a beret, which you may not be wearing, but it will look just like in old photos or pictures with French women.

Of food, of course, the most popular for tourists are wine, cheese, chocolate, and just sweets. You can buy them both in the supermarket and in the duty free. By the way, about sweets - an iron box with candies or cookies, which are not only very unusual and tasty, will become an excellent souvenir, and the box itself, decorated with a beautiful picture with landscapes, will live on the farm for a long time.

So, this is very little of what to bring from Paris for yourself and your friends. There is still a mass of items that you will obviously enjoy during a walk through this magical city.