What spring dresses will be fashionable in 2016?

The dress is beautiful, romantic and very feminine! But in order to look stylish in it, you need to find out fashion trends and follow them.

Deciding on a style

In the spring season of 2016, feminine styles will be popular, which emphasize the figure favorably, but do not expose and parade the parts of the body that should be hidden. And they help to skilfully disguise small shortcomings. The most popular destinations will be boho style, romantic or bohemian, that is, the so-called “dandy”.

Boho is a mixture of bohemian elements and hippie directions. The result is a mix that combines femininity, comfort and chic. Dresses are sewn from natural and comfortable fabrics, styles, mostly loose. The material can be monophonic (deep or natural tones are welcomed) or decorated with abstract, ethnic or geometric prints.

Bohemian style is slim silhouettes, expensive fabrics,elegant elements of decor (rhinestones, stones), as well as covert and hidden sexuality, which is achieved by demonstrating the most feminine, but not intimate parts of the body, such as shoulders or back.

Romantic style assumes a slinky top and a rather voluminous or even curvaceous bottom, that is, the hem. Fabrics can be very different: from dense to flowing, perforated or translucent.

What materials will be fashionable?

Spring materials should be light, feminine and comfortable to wear. And the designers took into account all this, so the most fashionable dresses in 2016 will be made of such fabrics as:

  • Denim He, perhaps, never goes out of fashion. And this season, this material is actively used for the manufacture of not only pants and shirts, but also dresses, and very feminine ones. And, by the way, they will help you "throw off" a few years and look young and stylish.
  • Lace. It is associated with femininity and a kind of veiled sexuality, but in the spring of 2016 a little change in its properties. Now it will not be light and translucent, but dense. And it is this lace dresses that can become everyday, but at the same time emphasize the individuality.
  • In the fashion of all pleated materials.But it is worth remembering that the pleated look especially harmoniously on the hem. But only slim girls can afford pleating at the top of the dress.
  • Suede. It is believed that this material is used only for sewing outerwear, but a dress made of artificial or lightweight suede will look very original and stylish, especially in spring!
  • Actual and stretch. But, firstly, it must be dense enough to create a bandage effect, and secondly, it should not cover a body with a dress made of such fabric, it will emphasize the defects of the figure.
  • Flax or cotton. These fabrics are natural, they breathe and evaporate moisture, so they are ideal for active girls.
  • And, of course, it will not do without flowing, feminine and light silk, chiffon and satin.

Determine with the shape

If you just can not decide on the style, then in the spring of 2016 you will not have to do this, because you will be able to evaluate several options at once. And from such a variety, you just choose something suitable. But especially popular will be the free cut, which will help to hide absolutely all the flaws of the figure. But at the same time, he can add volume, so it's worth to be careful with him.

In fashion are trapezoidal models, as well as adjacent to the body (but not tight-fitting it).Dresses will be relevant as low and with a high waist. For everyday wear, you can purchase a shirt dress or a dressing gown, such models were presented by many fashion designers.

If you want to choose an unusual style, then experiment with dresses of multi-layered, asymmetrical or combined cut. But do not forget that too complicated model will not suit everyone! In addition, she can add a few extra centimeters.

As for the length, it can be almost anything, but dresses just above the knees, which can be called universal, will become especially popular, because they go to all. Also, the hem can close the knees or reach the calf, it will also look feminine, like the length of the maxi. But the mini will have to forget, probably, the designers felt that it was too vulgar and defiant.

We should also write about the sleeves, because they can be a bright accent and a highlight of the dress. Asymmetric and volumetric are relevant. And in warm weather, safely wear sleeveless dresses, complemented by fashionable jumpers, pullovers and loose cardigans.

Actual colors

The colors will be very different, but especially noble and even mysterious, such as wine (especially the burgundy shade), blue, and coral. Universal black and white are still in vogue. And if you choose a discreet casual dress, then pay attention to the pastel shades, such as blue, lilac, pale yellow, sand and peach.

By the way, colors can be combined. And especially fashionable will be monochrome tandems or mixes of shades of the same color.


The photo from the fashion shows shows that prints in 2016 are very diverse, bold, bright and feminine! Here are the most popular:

  • Bulk large flowers. They will emphasize femininity and become the accent of your image.
  • Watercolor prints. It may seem that someone has spilled different colors on the fabric. And it looks very creative!
  • Japanese motifs will also be in trend, so feel free to purchase dresses with a picture of a geisha, cherry blossoms and other themed symbols.
  • Ethnic motifs dilute the most boring image.
  • Strip. And sometimes it is very useful, as it can both add volume and remove it.

Accessories and parts

Beautiful dresses of this season should be bright and interestingly decorated. Particularly relevant are such details as lacing, contrast buttons, volume applications, ruffles and flounces, ruffles, mesh and ribbons. In addition, the finish can be combined, it is allowed and welcomed.

Now you can definitely find a gorgeous dress and look stunning in it this spring!

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