What sport do you do?

In the modern world, sports are necessary not only to maintain a good physical form, but also to overcome stress and chronic fatigue syndrome, which affects a huge number of people. Regular exercise helps to reduce the load on the nervous system, increase the level of joy hormones and achieve a beautiful figure. Every person who decides to take care of himself, thinks about what kind of sports you can do? An unequivocal answer to this question cannot be given, since all people differ among themselves in individual psychological and physiological features. So, some people prefer to engage in team sports, while others prefer to do solo sports training. Stopping your choice on such team sports as volleyball, football, basketball, American football and other similar sports, in addition to pleasant communication and sports excitement, you can also get a significant increase in muscle strength and lung volume, lower cholesterol levels, improved performance cardiovascular system and strengthening of the bone skeleton.In the case when the choice falls on sports without a competitive component, you should prefer running, swimming, skiing, tennis, ping-pong, training in the gym and even various types of martial arts. What kind of sport you would not prefer, the most important thing is that it brings you joy and pleasure.

What sport do baby

To the question of choosing a sports section for a child should be taken with special care. Here, first of all, it is necessary to take into account such moments as body type and age of the child. It should be understood that the development of muscles and systems for providing them with energy at different ages is not the same. In order to inculcate in the child a love of sport, and the lessons did not seem boring to him, it is better to choose the types of physical activity that are best obtained from the kid. This is especially important for pronounced astenikov and digestivniki, because when they achieve certain positive results in sports, they begin to feel more confident and less worried because of their “clumsiness”.

It is also worth finding out how sport is best for children of the muscular type.Almost all types of physical exercises respond well to them; they can do absolutely any kind of sport. Children of this type are especially good at mastering movements of speed-power character: sprinters, throwers, jumpers, gymnasts, skaters, football players, tennis players and other igoriki. Children of an astheno-thoracic physique are advised to perform various exercises for developing endurance, so other motor abilities begin to progress in children. Comparing the effect of various exercises on the frequency of colds, it should be noted that speed-strength exercises are best suited for thin younger schoolchildren: throwing, jumping, outdoor games, exercises with the ball. Of the many sports they are perfect: rowing, skiing, cycling, swimming, long-distance running. In order to strengthen the health of children of a degistic physique, exercises aimed at developing speed-power capabilities are best suited. In addition, a great effect and provides the implementation of complex exercises. The likelihood of sports success in such children is highest in Sambo, Wushu, judo, water polo,hockey, throwing the nucleus and disc, at an older age - in athletic gymnastics and weightlifting. And of course it is worth highlighting such a sport as swimming. It has a powerful healing effect and is useful for absolutely everyone. Swimming perfectly relieves stress, strengthens muscles and improves the cardiovascular system. And all this happens during the discharge of the spine, joints and ligaments. It should be noted that learning to swim is much easier at a younger age.

What sport do girl

Many girls, regardless of their physique, are now showing an increased interest in rhythmic gymnastics and its other varieties, such as aerobics and shaping. Such classes are conducted in groups of several people. The peculiarity of such rhythmic gymnastics is that the intensity of the exercises, as well as the pace of movements are set by the rhythm of a musical work. In this case, a complex of various means has a diverse effect on the body. It is from his choice that it depends on what kind of rhythmic gymnastics will be: dance, athletic, psycho-regulating or mixed.It is necessary to separately distinguish ballroom dances, which are rapidly gaining increasing popularity. Such exercises, also performed with music, help not only to maintain a slim figure, free breathing and excellent posture, but also to get rid of stress.

What sport to do in summer

If you are interested in what kind of sports you should do in the summer, you can safely choose for yourself such sports that are associated with staying in the fresh air: volleyball, badminton, beach soccer, swimming, running, cycling, water bike. Horse lovers are perfect horse riding. Riding astride heals, relieves stress, develops balance, agility, endurance, as well as the strength of the hips and buttocks. Recently, scientists have found a medical definition of such a positive health effects and called it hippotherapy. It has been proven that close communication between the rider and the horse has a beneficial effect not only on the general condition of the human body, but also on its psyche.

What time of the day to go in for sports

Once you have decided on the most appropriate sport for you, you need to decide at what time you should attend classes.It should be noted that the time for classes can be very different. Some people prefer to get up early in the morning and take a daily run, others like to get out to the gym, to go swimming and aerobics in the evenings after work 2-3 times a week, while others still have a “sports” weekend. If you are not used to getting up early in the morning, then you should not torment your body with early runs, and vice versa, if after a busy day you are not ready for a run, it is better not to strain your body. Absolutely no matter what time for sports you choose. The main thing is that it is the most convenient for you and comfortable for your body. Then sports will bring you a good mood and cheerfulness. As you can see, it is not difficult to choose sports activities for yourself.