What plants in the forest?

The forests on the territory of Russia are coniferous, broad-leaved and mixed. They are rich in a variety of beautiful vegetation. Different species of trees, shrubs and grasses are represented by plants of the forests of Russia.

Coniferous forest vegetation

Conifers, which are called evergreens, dominate over most of Russia and all of Europe. These trees are called so, because instead of leaves they have needles. Needles are small green needles that perform the same function as the leaves, absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Coniferous forests produce a lot of oxygen, thus ensuring the life of the entire planet.

The most common conifers are spruce, pine, larch, fir and cedar. They grow in large tracts, in the taiga and in the forests. These kinds of trees live apart. There are parts of the forest in which only spruce trees grow - these are spruce forests. There are pine forests, they grow only pines. We learn what plants in the forest still exist, in addition to trees.

The flora of coniferous forests is represented by a large variety of plants. In addition to the conifers themselves, there are shrubs, grasses, mosses and lichens. Herbaceous plants of coniferous forest are: yellow acacia, red elderberry, nettle, strawberry, celandine and bracken fern. From the flowers here are found snowdrops shepherd's bag and others. Grass coniferous forests should be able to adapt to cold winters and not very sunny summer.

In fact, in the coniferous forest there are not too many herbaceous plants. This is due to the fact that in such a forest there is not enough sunlight, it is absorbed by the high crown of the trees. Therefore, the most resistant survive here. Mosses and lichens are especially good here. Most of them are reindeer moss. It looks like small trees. Lichens are food for deer and other animals, so they belong to a single ecosystem of coniferous forest.

Vegetation of mixed and deciduous forests

Towards the south of the taiga mixed and deciduous forests begin. They consist of different trees. Here grow birch, aspen, linden. The climate in this part of Russia is milder than in the north; therefore, deciduous trees develop in full force, they intermingle and form mixed forests.In the south in the forest zone, except for the pines, there are no coniferous trees at all. They are occupied by broad-leaved trees.

Trees in deciduous forests have different heights and grow in tiers. The highest are oak and ash trees, lower - lindens, elms, maples, and even lower - field maple, wild apples and pears. Shrubs grow under the trees: euonymus, hazel, elder, buckthorn, raspberry, viburnum. Herb cover is very well developed here. A large number of medicinal herbs grows, there are plants listed in the Red Book.

Moss in mixed forests is found only in dark and damp places. And the fertility of these forests is manifested in a large variety of mushrooms and berries.