What is useful Chinese cosmetics?

Chinese cosmetics is becoming increasingly popular due to the good quality of products, natural composition and attractive cost of funds. In Russia, Chinese cosmetics are most often purchased through websites or ordered through friends who go to China.

Of course, it is more convenient and more profitable to choose and buy Chinese cosmetics by studying the catalog online store. So you have the opportunity to learn more about the products offered, find out the composition of the funds, see what the packaging looks like, as well as read the reviews on the site. However, before proceeding to the choice of specific products, it is useful to find out some general information about Chinese cosmetics.

The benefits of high-quality Chinese cosmetics

  1. Natural composition, environmentally friendly components. Due to the absence of harmful synthetic products, this cosmetics is hypoallergenic.
  2. Many Chinese cosmetics contain components of exotic plants, wholesome algae.
  3. Chinese cosmetics are rich in vitamins and microelements.

Such cosmetics are often made on the basis of ancient Chinese recipes, tested for centuries. The skin after using such cosmetics becomes healthier and younger, its structure improves.

The range of Chinese cosmetics

The choice of cosmetics is very wide. Consider as an example several groups of this cosmetics:

  1. Means for losing weight. These are various dietary supplements for weight loss, anti-cellulite creams and masks, as well as magnetic rings for weight loss.
  2. Chinese cosmetics - Chinese medicinal products. This is a different cosmetics to correct cosmetic defects. These include gels for removing scars, Chinese Zelenka, liquid and nail ointment ointment, warming oil, creams to soften and even out skin color, remedies for treating various skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis, herpes, etc.
  3. A variety of face and body masks. So, there are Chinese face masks: cream, model, mask film, soluble, collagen. Also, there are masks for breasts and décolleté, body, hands, legs, lips.
  4. Products for women's health: pads for daily use and for the period of menstruation, tampons, candles, contraceptives.
  5. Products for skin cleansing: makeup remover, scrubs, peels, milk and gel for washing.
  6. Facial skin products: skin cleansing products, tonics, creams, matting wipes.
  7. Body skincare products: soaps, shower gels, body creams, washcloths, heat warmers, body salts.
  8. Hair products: shampoos, balms, masks, hair styling products, combs, vitamins.
  9. Tools for hands: wet wipes, manicure sets, masks, creams.
  10. Means for legs: files for pedicure, foot creams, foot warmers, SPA means for the legs, remedies for varicose veins, corns, corns.
  11. Decorative cosmetics: eye shadows and eyeliners, mascaras, lipsticks and lip gloss, powder, blush, accessories for makeup.

These, as well as many other tools that are included in the personal care kit for almost every modern woman, can be found among Chinese cosmetics. You can purchase gift sets that will delight your loved ones, for example, on the holiday of March 8, or you yourself, if you decide to pamper yourself a little. There are also separate cosmetics for children.

Features of Chinese cosmetics

Among Chinese cosmetics, you can find various special SPA-series for skin care, hair, hands, feet on the basis of any active ingredient. For example, it can be hand and foot care products based on snake oil, a series of care for fading skin on the basis of snail mucus.

Reading reviews of Chinese cosmetics, attention is drawn to the presence of a wide choice of means for relaxing and calming the body: medicinal scented candles, a massage set for the body, which includes means for massaging the whole body, starting from the face and ending with the feet. Comfort will also provide items made of bamboo: pants, towels, bathrobes.

If you have never used Chinese cosmetics before, you can start your acquaintance with it, for example, with a small product for hands or feet, or by purchasing small samples of desired products. Further, if the cosmetics you like, be sure to try something else.