What is the key?

June 19, 2014
What is the key?

The word "key" refers to the word homonyms. Such words can have several different meanings with the same spelling and sound (for example, “door key” and “key beating out of the ground”). Let's try to understand what a key is and how many meanings this word has.

Door key

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the key that each of us uses daily, opening and closing the door. The key as a device for opening a lock has existed since the days of ancient Egypt. It is made most often from metal. Depending on the type of lock, keys come in different configurations, but most often their principle comes down to having a relief on the surface that coincides with the inside surface of the lock.

Cryptographic key

The encryption of secret information uses a cryptographic key. Such a key is a set of certain unique data that is needed to convert text. Each such key is assigned to one specific algorithm.

Activation key

When purchasing a licensed computer program, we receive an activation key to it, which is a set of characters and serves as a kind of password during the installation of the program. Such a key seems to make the program understand that it was acquired legally and should work correctly. If the activation key is missing, the program will either not be installed or will not work.

Rights holders of computer programs often give their users the ability to use a demo version. It does not require an activation key, it is a program with limited functions and, possibly, with a trial period of validity. After this period, the purchase of the full version will be offered, where the activation key will be required.

Adjustable wrench

A wrench is used to rotate parts such as nuts and bolts. It is made of steel, can have different sizes and configuration. Indispensable in plumbing work, during the repair of equipment and in construction.

Treble clef

An ornate symbol that looks like a violin is placed on one of the lines of the music staff, indicating the height of the notes. All other positions of the notes are formed relative to this sign.Due to its beauty and significance, the treble clef often becomes a symbol of musicians.

Key out of the ground

A spring is also called a key. The expression "Life is in full swing" is connected precisely with this concept, as an analogy with a turbulent, sonorous and fresh water flow.

The phrase "key knowledge" is often interpreted differently. One option is a source from which to draw knowledge, the second is a key that unlocks the doors to the world of new information. This is an amazing example of how changing the meaning of a word does not change the essence.