What is a keel?

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What is a keel?

Russian is rich in multi-valued words. One of them is the word keel. Let's take a closer look at what values it has.

What is keel: values

  • The keel is an outgrowth on the sternum of vertebrate animals, the pectoral muscles are attached to it. The keel is well developed in flying vertebrates: birds, bats. In flightless birds, for example, in ostriches, there is no keel. Also, the keel is found in digging (moles).
  • The keel is also called the lower beam (maybe one, maybe several), which runs from the bow to the stern in the middle of the bottom of the swimming vessel. The keel is needed to give strength to the hull. On modern yachts keel is a false.

You may also have heard of the expression "seven feet under the keel." It is directly related to the marine theme. A foot is an English measure of length equal to 30.48 cm. Seven feet is approximately 2 meters � the optimum depth for a ship so that it does not run aground. Sailors, wishing each other seven feet under the keel, mean that the sailor�s friend�s boat never be aground.In a figurative sense, such an expression can also be considered a wish for a happy journey.