What is an academy?

Vera Melnikova
Vera Melnikova
January 13, 2015
What is an academy?

There are many words in the Russian language, including foreign ones, related to cognition, learning, and education. One of these is the word "academy".

What is an academy, what etymology and the meaning of the word we will describe in our article.

Academy: the origin and meaning of the word

Interesting history of the origin of the word. Even in distant Greece in 388 BC. er in Athens, the philosopher, scientist and educator Plato created a school, which he called "academy", which in translation from Greek academia meant "school".

The Academy is an institution of higher education. Here they prepare future professionals in various fields of knowledge, as well as conduct retraining and advanced training of highly qualified workers. These academies are different from other higher education institutions, in which only higher education is given. Thus, the range of tasks facing academies is quite wide: from the training of specialists with higher education to the formation of the scientific elite.

Types of academies in the Russian Federation:

  • medical;
  • financial;
  • legal;
  • Academy of Tourism;
  • Academy of Public Administration;
  • arts;
  • Academy of Management and others.

Russia needs highly qualified specialists; therefore, considerable attention is paid to the development of higher education. Indeed, for its graduates, including academies, the future of the country, the progressive development of society.