What is text formatting?

Andrey Semykin
Andrey Semykin
January 14, 2013
What is text formatting?

Formatting text when working with a text editor is the process of transforming the appearance of a text in order to make it most readable. Text formatting includes the task of a number of parameters relating both to the entire document and to its individual parts - paragraph, line, page, etc. As an example, we will consider setting the basic formatting options in the popular Word editor.

What is paragraph formatting?

Paragraph formatting includes setting a paragraph indent ("red line"), an interval before and after a paragraph, an interval between lines in a paragraph, text alignment in a paragraph. In the text editor Microsoft Word, all these parameters can be set in the Format / Paragraph menu item or in the Paragraph item of the context menu called by right-clicking.

What is font formatting?

Font formatting includes not only the choice of type and size of the font.In addition, you can specify font style options (bold, italic, etc.), as well as special effects (strikethrough text, shadow effect, raise or lower text relative to the standard level). In the main Word menu, this is the "Format / Font" section, in the context menu of the mouse - the "Font" item.

Page Setup

What is document formatting? This process is not limited to the setting of font parameters and paragraphs. An important element of the preparation of the document is also the setting of the page parameters: the size and orientation of the page (portrait or landscape), the fields above, below, right and left. Page settings are set in the menu section "File / Page settings".

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