What is OKATO?

Employees of various companies who are supposed to work with tax authorities, statistics, banks and other financial institutions often have to deal with documentation containing a lot of obscure abbreviations, such as UGRL, OKATO, etc. Of course, a good employee needs to understand these cuts. In this article we will tell you what OKATO is, why it is needed and how to decrypt it.

OKATO decryption

OKATO, or the All-Russian Classifier of Administrative-Territorial Division, is a special code whose task is to identify the location of a particular enterprise in the territory of the Russian Federation. In simple terms, OKATO is an analogue of a zip code, but this index “works” not for postal services, but, for the most part, for tax. By analogy, just as the letter can be forwarded to a specific city and a specific post office, as well as with the help of OKATO, it is possible to identify the budget of which municipality will receive taxes and fees charged from a legal entity.

How to decrypt OKATO?

The OKATO code has the following format - XX YYY ZZZ WW, where:

XX - the code of the subject of the federation.

YYY - area code.

ZZZ - city / village council code / urban settlement.

WW - control number (not always used).

Services to define OKATO

There are special directories that indicate which codes are for which subjects, districts, cities, etc. match. We use, for example, this.

Suppose we are interested in the OKATO Ryazan region, Starozhilovsky district, the village Starozhilovo. All that needs to be done is to follow the corresponding links in succession. In our case, we will get such a code - 61248551000, where 62 is the code of the Ryazan region, 248 is of the Starozhilovsky district, 558 is of the village of Starozhilovo. The control number is not used, and here it is filled with zeros.

To learn okato organization, you can use. Here it is also necessary to follow the relevant links, for example, “Altai Territory / Aleysky District / MKDOU Aleysky Kindergarten.

What is OKTMO?

It is important to know that since January 1, 2014, the OKATO code has been replaced with the OKTMO code (“All-Russian Classifier of the Territories of Municipal Formations”).So far, the complete transition from the use of OKATO to OKTMO has not occurred, and therefore in the payment documents one can sometimes see the OKATO code, and sometimes OKTMO. One way or another, it is necessary to switch to a new system, and to stimulate a quick transition, the Federal Tax Service on its website organized a special service to determine the OKATMO code on OKATO. Let's perform this task for the OKATO code of the village of Starozhilovo already reviewed by us. We have two ways - to determine OKTMO by OKATO or by address. Consider both options.

OKTMO is defined by OKATO:

  1. Follow the link -.
  2. Fill in the OKATO field - 61248551000.
  3. Click the "Find" button.
  4. All! If the field is filled in correctly, after pressing the button you will see the OKTMO code. In our case, it is 61648151.

We define OKTMO

  1. Follow the link -.
  2. Fill in the field "Subject of the Russian Federation" - Ryazan region.
  3. Fill in the field "Municipal Education" - Starozhilovsky district.
  4. All! If the field is filled in correctly, after pressing the button you will see the OKTMO code. In our case, it is 61648000.

Note! The last digits are filled with zeros, since we did not specify a specific subject of the district.Of course, the impossibility of specifying the subject of the district in determining OKTMO at an address is a significant lack of service.