What is net?

It would seem that complex can hide such a short and simple word? Net, no, "nat" ... In fact, these three letters are a very capacious concept. Let us analyze only the main incarnations of this letter combination available to our imagination.

What is the .NET Framework

Briefly about this concept. NET Framework is a development environment and, moreover, the implementation of highly distributed programs based on the use of component objects. The framework shell eliminates conflicts inherent in different programming languages ​​when used simultaneously on the same local machine. It ensures proper compatibility of programs and the safety of their implementation. Also limits the overall coding model for the Windows platform. This does not mean that the .NET Framework is limited to work only under Windows; on the contrary, programs created for it are easily imported into other development / execution environments.

NET history begins its reckoning in 2002, it was then that the first version of the shell was released. Rumor has it that this is a kind of answer then popular platform JAVA. Well, the answer was worthy.Almost all modern applications and software are written ... let's say, not to JAVA. What is ASP NET? This is a component of the .NET Framework that focuses specifically on developing web applications. For more information about what the Microsoft .NET Framework, you can learn from the relevant article on our website.

Domain .net and Internet

.net is a common top-level domain, now used without any restrictions, exclusively in network structures, of course. Initially, this domain was reserved for resources devoted to the Internet, or for companies working with the Internet directly. Now all restrictions associated with the domain have been removed, it is widely used even by Russian-language resources.

Literally about net

If you aim to find out all the meanings of this word, you can spend a lot of time in dictionaries and history books. Translated from English, the word "net" means "network". Feel connected? That's right, Inter-NO, inter_NET ​​for your convenience. There are alternatives, as, for example, one of the meanings of "net" can be a clear word to us ... "pure"! Suddenly agree?

I hate translit!

Yes, few people like lyrics like this: "privet kak dela / 4to delaelll / XopoLlLlo". I admit, personally, it even scares me and causes dismay, and I want to answer: "Change the layout!".But what to do, not everyone on the keyboard has Cyrillic characters; moreover, even in the operating systems of computers or Cyrillic phones is an optional attribute. Based on this, we can conclude one more of the meanings of the word "net". This is our native word “no”, which, as a rule, initiates negation. Disagreement signaling the upcoming opposition.


Well, how can you forget about this consonant word. Runet - the Russian part of the Internet. If you thoroughly understand, then a little more narrowly: Runet belong only domains .su .ru. RF. But we all know that our Runet is much more widely spread across the expanses of the World Wide Web. The years 1987-1994 were key to the birth of the Russian-language Internet. On April 7, 1994, the .ru domain was registered with InterNIC. This day can rightly be considered the birthday of the Runet. It would be more correct to pronounce Runet.

We learned a lot about net and where you can find amazing forms of this word. If you have any knowledge on this issue that is not reflected in the article, leave feedback in the comments, it will be interesting for you to learn with you the new meanings of this truly unique word.