What is multimasking and how is it useful?

Facial skin care is a mandatory part of general body care, which every woman who cares about the health and beauty of her skin tries to follow as best as possible. Every year, new methods and ways of taking care of their appearance appear, so following the fashion trends is an important part of such care.

Recently, more and more you can find such a thing as multimasking, as well as photos of girls, whose face looks more like Indian masks, but this is just a new trick that will allow you to spend much less time when you need to look at all 100 urgently.

So what is multimasking? In fact, nothing new: to care for the skin of the face, to use masks effectively, right? And this technique involves the simultaneous use of several different drugs on different areas of the face.

In principle, everything is logical: there are different types of masks, each of which has its own properties - moisturizing, nutrition, cleansing.Of course, according to experts, it is most reasonable to use all the funds in turn, however, if your pace of life is overwhelming and every minute counts, then you can try something new.

For skin care, masks of different actions are applied at the same time: for example, one for swollen eyelids, another for oily T-zones, and so on.

In principle, dermatologists are quite favorable to this method, however, they warn that the more cosmetic products are used at once, the higher the chances of getting any allergic reaction.

But, in fact, this problem can also be solved quite realistically: it is necessary to join the new culture gradually, first using masks separately to check for unpleasant surprises. Then start applying them in combination - first two, then three, and so on.


Often suffers from oily shine and enlarged pores, as a result, and from black spots. What will help here: masks with salicylic acid and on the basis of coal, which are well cleaned and relieve from such accumulations. Effective masks of blue, green, black and gray clay, as well as products containing salts of the Dead Sea.


I would like to pay special attention to the nose, because it often spoils the whole look of the face - oily shine, large pores, and sometimes acne. An excellent choice would be cleansing strips that act purposefully and eliminate excess fat. By the way, cosmetic clay is also a good way out.

Eye area

Swollen eyelids and dark circles under the eyes are not the best “decorations” of a woman’s face, but sometimes it’s not so easy to get rid of them. What will help? Masks based on antioxidants and caffeine will get rid of dark circles, and hyaluric acid - from the vascular network. Works well in this area mask based on shea butter, collagen and vitamins A, E and C.

Cheeks and cheekbones

This area can be very different in type: someone has dry, and someone has too oily skin with acne and other rashes. Use the right tools that are aimed at solving problems associated with a certain type of skin.