What is malt?

Julia Kosheleva
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What is malt?

Beer, perhaps, can be called one of the most popular alcoholic beverages. This is due to the relatively low price, as well as a large range of taste, which depends on the type of beer. In our article What are Beers Made of You can get acquainted in detail with the main components of this drink. The main ingredient is malt, because it determines the taste, smell and color of beer. What is malt?

Malt: what it is and how to get it

Malt is produced by germinating the seeds of some cereals. Barley is most commonly used, in some countries - corn, rice and maize. So, for malt only special special barley varieties are used. Seeds should be large and healthy, without damage. In addition, they should be somewhat immature. Maturation occurs already in artificial conditions in special rooms - silos. Before cooking the malt, the barley grains are cleaned, sorted by size. Grains with a thickness of less than 2.2 mm are not used in brewing.

The process of making malt takes place in three stages.First, the sorted barley grains are sent to special soaking chambers, where the maturation and germination processes are completed. Only after that the barley is crushed and sent for drying. Dry the future malt in air tight chambers. At the output, the produced malt is estimated by size, texture and smell. The smell of high-quality malt is similar to the smell of fresh cucumbers. As a result, high-quality malt is placed in storage. In it, malt is carefully monitored for another 30 days. After malt is obtained from the immature grain of barley, it can be used to make alcoholic beverages. Directly for the preparation of beer used two types of malt: dry and green.

Brewing rarely uses pure malt. To reduce the foam's resistance to malt, corn flour is added, and to improve the quality, wheat germ or rice seed is used.