What is he: Andrew?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
January 28, 2015
What is he: Andrew?

People everywhere are trying to find the secret signs that will direct them to the true path - horoscopes, fortune telling, interpretation of dreams ... "fortune telling" in the name are very popular.

In this article we will tell you what qualities are characteristic of men named Andrey.

Sole of company

The name Andrew has a very strong energy, and therefore it is not surprising that a man with this name often becomes the soul of a company, a leader who can easily maintain a healthy atmosphere both in a group of friends and in a team.

Andrew very quickly finds a common language with any person, can defuse the situation with a good joke. Quite often, a man named Andrew knows how to play the guitar and sings well.

Serious and focused

Despite the fact that Andrew can be a merry fellow, he can, at the right moment, show an amazing sobriety, calm and prudence. Andrei is able to find the right way out of a critical situation, and therefore often his superiors love him, and, of course, this helps him to advance in his service.


Andrey can be called an egoist in the sense that he rarely likes to listen to the opinions of his elders and those around him, because he has a rather high opinion of himself. To get his Andrew can go to blackmail and provocation.


There are Andrew and bouts of blues, in which he can plunge a series of failures. Andrei is lucky in his life, so when luck turns away from them, they can quickly give up, because they are not used to this state of affairs. It is very important that at this moment a reliable friend turns out to be close to Andrey, who will help him to control himself.