When we talk about computer games, the wording fps has several meanings. The first of them is purely technical. FPS - Frame Per Second. That is, the frame rate per second that the game reproduces. The second definition refers to the genres of computer games. FPS - First Person Shooter or First Person Shooter. This is about those games where you see the virtual world through the eyes of a character and you have a weapon in your hands with which you punish all kinds of unfavorable subjects. We will understand in more detail with each of the concepts. So:

What is FPS?

Frame per second

So. From the first paragraph, we realized that FPS is defined as the number of frames per second that your video card and application play. The higher the frame rate, the correspondingly the faster the application. Frame - frame or frame, Per - "in", Second - second. In the Russian version of FPS pronounced as "flops". Programmers define flops as a measure of the performance of computing systems. The human brain is able to perceive no more than 25 frames per second, so you should not be surprised that you can not see any changes with different FPS settings. You will not feel much difference between the parameters in 100 FPS and 120 FPS.However, if you try to spin around with the help of your hero around you in the game, then you will see an annoying delay effect. The more FPS you have, the less this effect. High FPS values ​​are vital to fully experience and enjoy the dynamics of the game. A large number of frames per second allow you to better respond to events that occur in the game world. Often, games require a quick response in response to the usually aggressive environment of the virtual world, so FPS values ​​should be high. An interesting fact is that the FPS values ​​in each frame change. The more complex the reproducible situation, the higher the FPS values. If you want to adjust the FPS values ​​in order to play dynamic games, then there is the following method.

  • From scratch on the desktop, right-click and select the Properties option.
  • In the window that appears, select the properties tab.
  • Click on the option additionally.
  • Select the Monitor tab.
  • Inside you need to select the maximum value in hertz.
  • Now open the properties of your video card.
  • Need to configure OpenGL options.
  • There you need to turn off the vertical sync.
  • In the same tab, you need to find "Display Synchronization".
  • It is necessary to remove the check mark from "The correct mode selects Windows" and put in "Fixed synchronization".

First Person Shooter

Games of this genre FPS are dynamic and rapid development of events. Sometimes events in the virtual world occur so rapidly that the game "delays" the gamer for several hours. There is a huge amount of games in the FPS genre. The most famous games in this genre are CounterStrike, Quake, Half-Life, Call of Duty, etc. The main character of such games is usually very well equipped with various weapons. His goal is to destroy as many opponents as possible. Often, FPS-style games are based on a story. And the player, along with the main character of the game, is moving towards any goal. On their way there are naturally encountered enemies of all stripes, who will certainly need to be overcome with the help of their impressive arsenal of weapons. These games have gained staggering popularity among different people around the world. Also, games that can be played online are very popular. Online shooters. Sometimes, these games are even more successful than those designed for one player, but with beautiful graphics and a thoughtful plot.

Thus in the computer world understand the concept of FPS.