What is a commission?

March 30, 2015
What is a commission?

The term "commission" has several different meanings. Basically, a commission means a group of people or a fee for certain services.

Let us consider in detail what a commission is and give examples of the use of this word.

Term meanings

The commission is ...

  • a body that includes officials authorized to resolve issues related to the resolution of disputes, supervision or control;
  • the form of the contract in which one party fulfills certain obligations for remuneration;
  • the amount of mediation in the implementation of the transaction, for example, a commission fee, commission at an ATM;
  • outdated value is interpreted as all sorts of difficulties, fuss or unpleasant efforts.

Examples of the use of the term

The word "commission" can be used in the following combinations:

  • election Committee;
  • counting commission;
  • audit committee;
  • conciliation commission;
  • expert commission;
  • high / low commission.

In modern business dictionaries, the word "commission" means a contract, having concluded that the seller performs a commercial operation at the expense of a third party, but on his own behalf.When carrying out such an operation, the seller-commission agent is considered the owner of the purchased product or securities until it is transferred to the buyer.

Now you know what a commission is, and you can use any meaning of a given word in a conversation.