What is chest breathing?

In order to live, a person must breathe, and in order to feel well he must breathe properly. Most people in today's dynamic life do not even think that the true causes of many health problems lie precisely in the malfunctioning of the respiratory system.

Breathe deeply

When breathing in, a person receives not only air, which is vital for him, but also oxygen, which starts the active work of the cells and is a catalyst for many chemical processes.

The essence of chest or rib breathing is that in the process of inhalation, the chest cell expands and the middle part of the lungs is filled with air due to the stretching of the intercostal muscles, which, when exhaling, contract.

This type of most common among adults, despite the fact that it can not be called correct. It is also characteristic of pregnant women, due to physiological characteristics.

But experts say that chest breathing has a benefit.

  1. It leads to the right balance of the nervous system.
  2. Helps to reduce the load on the diaphragm and clear the blood in the lungs and stomach.
  3. When inhaling, the lower ribs “open up”, and the spine is straightened. This preserves the correct posture of those whose work is connected with the constant sitting behind the papers or the computer. The hunched posture can cause bad mood and depression, because the body loses oxygen.
  4. In combination with diaphragmatic exercises will help keep fit and get rid of extra pounds.

Basics of technology

To master the costal breath, it is important to adhere to only two principles - gradualness and concentration. The best posture for this is supine.

Comfortably seated, bend your elbows and place them on the area of ​​the lower ribs. So that the fingers lay on his stomach. Inhale through the nose and make sure that at this time the chest "dispersed" to the side. The chest and abdomen should remain in a state of complete rest, and the shoulders and waist should not move. After that, exhale. During the first training you can help yourself to make it deeper, pressing your palms lightly on the ribs, squeezing them inside.

To develop this skill, you need to set aside just a few minutes a day. Full training should last about 7 minutes. At first, you may notice that breathing from the chest becomes superficial, but it will not bring any harm to your body. This is a common situation for newbies. Over time, you will learn not only to breathe correctly, but also to switch from one type to another in time.

It has also been proven that breathing affects the strength of the feeling of fear, therefore, when a person is afraid, it is important to focus on slow, deep breathing and, over time, anxiety will decrease significantly. That is why you should pay attention to your health and master simple techniques that allow you to improve the body and improve the general condition.

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