What is at work?

Do you want to learn how to eat at work, without causing harm to health and avoiding evening overeating? Then you should definitely read this article.

Junk food

Let's start, perhaps, with what is at work absolutely impossible. Forget about cereals and instant soups! Throw out of my head all the mention of hot cups, and other chemical delights. Nothing but ulcers and digestive disorders, you will not get from such food. Useful substances like products practically do not contain, but the periodic table can be found all.

There are two options to eat right at work: bring food from home or eat food from the cafeteria (cafe). The second option is more expensive, so in order to reduce costs, it is better to bring food from home. Thus, you can control the quality of products and create a menu according to your taste preferences. Observe the correct diet, adhering to the basic rules:

  1. Be sure to have a full breakfast at home.
  2. Eat regularly and evenly.
  3. Never forget to have dinner.

When taking food for work, consider its quantity (a pan of pasta or potatoes is a bit too much) and products should not be perishable.

Tasty and healthy

A list of what to eat at work with maximum benefit for the body.

  • Take the salad to work. You can use both vegetables and fruits to make it. If you are not dieting, you can use green peas, pickled mushrooms, meat, pickled cucumbers, and Bulgarian pepper.
  • Grab a soup to keep your bowels working well. If you do not have the opportunity to heat it, use a thermos.
  • Eat more protein foods - fish and lean meat.
  • Snack nuts, you quickly fill up the lack of protein and carbohydrates in the body. It quickly gives you energy, activates mental processes and relieves fatigue symptoms.
  • Dried fruits will enrich the body with useful microelements.
  • Fermented milk products will help you to quickly get enough. You can use them with almost no restrictions.
  • A positive influence on mental activity and your mood is a cup of coffee and a chocolate cube (the main thing to remember is the measure).
  • If you want something satisfying - prepare rice for work.This is an excellent source of carbohydrates, allowing you to forget about the feeling of hunger for a long time. For better taste, you can sprinkle it with soy sauce. You will get a boost of energy from such a dinner as from a chocolate bar.
  • Prepare a healthy sandwich. It is not only tasty, but also convenient. For it we use lettuce, tomato, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, something meat (a piece of brisket chicken or turkey). The main thing is not to add sauces, ketchup and mayonnaise, they will spoil all the benefits of your lunch and, conversely, will whet your appetite.
  • Replace the cake for tea sometimes bananas with berries. It will be more useful and 3 times less calories. It is better to eat a couple of apples or dried fruit instead of sweet.
  • At least one meal should be rich in protein and calcium. To do this, suitable cottage cheese, milk, fish. This is especially important for women working at the table.
  • For those who work standing up, the pear is perfect, it will remove puffiness from the legs.
  • For men, the perfect food to work is meat (tasty, healthy, fast). It is convenient to take it with you, be it cutlets, chops or just a piece of boiled meat.
  • Also for the stronger sex pilaf, mashed potatoes with cutlet, baked potatoes with meat are perfect.Such food will give energy and strength to the man, and for women more easier options for lunch.

Weight control

How to eat at work and not gain weight? Let's think about what you drink at work? How many cups of coffee? Tea? And all with sugar? But what about the figure? If you really want to drink - take a glass of mineral water, it is better absorbed in the body and a beneficial effect on the skin. This small change will produce results already during the month.

It is believed that women working in offices are more susceptible to fullness. This contributes to the sedentary image of work, endless snacks, or even worse - in general, its absence during the day. But the body needs food, so it takes it up on you in the evening after work. Many people know the feeling when you eat and you can not get enough, and all because of the lack of diet. Force yourself to follow the rules and your body will thank you.

In the article you learned what is at work, what products for this is better to use. Worry about your health and proper nutrition, no one will do it for you.