What is a wedding?

A wedding is a celebration that most girls crave, and a little less than young people, and it is associated with marriage, when two people connect their lives before the law, God, and each other. This day is of great importance for the couple, and the newly-weds bring the memory of him through the years. However, people who have never been to a wedding have little understanding of what a wedding is and how it goes.

The main figures of the wedding, of course, are the young: the bride and groom. However, not a small role in this process is assigned to parents of young people, in some countries, and witnesses from the bride and groom are also actively involved in the celebration.

Often, for the organization of a wedding, individuals are hired, or entire organizations that not only organize the holiday, but also will control the process of passing it, lead the evening, and create the necessary festive atmosphere.

If religious people marry, that the marriage ceremony is also accompanied by religious rites, for example, in Christianity - a wedding.

It is worth noting that various wedding rituals have been adopted by different nations of the world.They are based on the traditions of a particular country, nation, depend on religion, and, of course, on the wishes of young people, because it is not necessary to celebrate the wedding, as your ancestors dictate to you. Wedding ceremonies of some nations are modified and supplemented constantly.

Wedding traditions

The wedding traditions include various ceremonies, beliefs, as well as the clothes of the groom, the bride and guests. In some countries, the wedding is necessarily preceded by engagement, for example, in France, although its celebration is simplified.

Robes are a very important attribute of a wedding, in many nations, in a special way they dress not only the bride, but also the groom. Some weddings are held in national clothes, others in the so-called European dress (usual for us, white dress and costume). In some regions of Spain, the bride dresses in black. And the bride and groom in Japan change the outfit for a wedding several times, and each outfit is associated with a specific ceremony. In addition, at the Japanese wedding, each guest receives a memento at the end of the wedding.

In the Russian wedding, it is customary to meet the bride and groom, or rather already the husband and wife, with bread and salt, which the parents bring to the young, and the husband and wife feed each other.Initially, it was the rite of the newlyweds to meet the parents of the groom in their house, because after the marriage they had to live in the groom's family.

For many peoples, ceremonies overlap, for example, bride ransom, her theft, throwing a bouquet and jointly cutting the cake. This happened due to the mixing of traditions of different nations.

In addition to the fact that the wedding celebration begins after the official part, there are various “round” wedding anniversaries that can be celebrated every year. For example, you can make your parents happy with a beryl wedding celebration. You do not know what a beryl wedding is? This is the date when a married couple has been together for 23 years. It is a pity that most people celebrate only wedding anniversaries.

If we talk about different dates of weddings, then many are not interested in those dates that are constantly on the ear: porcelain, silver, pearl wedding. And the most rarely mentioned dates, for example, what is krypton wedding? This wedding suggests that the couple has been together for 19 years, and next year will celebrate a round date (porcelain wedding), in addition there is another name for this wedding - hyacinth. A married couple, who knows what a muslin wedding is, can only be envied, because this is 37 years of marriage together!