What is a socket?

Leonid Veselov
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What is a socket?

In the structure of communication protocols, a socket is a model for the end of a network connection. Simply put, a socket is a combination of a 32-bit address, divided into four octets, and port numbers in the range from 0 to 65535, which are used to connect computers over IP. For example,

What is a processor socket

The processor socket is the socket for placing the CPU on the motherboard. Using sockets makes it easier to replace the processor during the repair or upgrade of the computer, so instead of soldering the processor directly to the computer motherboard, sockets are commonly used. Different processors correspond to different sockets. The main differences of sockets are: manufacturer, size, the presence of pins and their number. Pins (legs) of the processor can be located both on the socket and on the processor, and only a processor of a similar manufacturer will fit the socket of a certain company. Since the Intel processor will not work on a socket manufactured by AMD.Also, only one or several processor models correspond to a specific model (type) of a socket. So the processor Intel Core 2 Duo is compatible only with the socket LGA775.

How to find out what your socket is

You can find out the type of socket on your computer in two ways:

  • Look at the system characteristics of your computer, which processor you have installed. Since each processor corresponds to a specific type of socket, you can easily define your socket using the compatibility table found on the Internet.
  • Each socket is labeled by the manufacturer. Remove the processor heatsink and locate the label on the socket that indicates the socket model.

Low-profile processor socket

Low-profile connectors are used in the manufacture of mobile phones, communicators and laptops. They are needed in order to reduce the thickness of the final product. Now you know what a socket is.