What is a requiem?

May 20, 2015
What is a requiem?

Requiems are rather common in Catholic churches, which are special pieces of music. For their performance, special acoustics of ancient buildings, choral singing, as well as the sounds of organ instruments are used.

Consider what a requiem is and what its role is.

Word meanings

Requiem is:

  • requiem chants;
  • polyphonic work, having a mourning character;
  • service for the deceased.

The word requiem in different churches is given a different meaning. The Lutheran and Catholic churches interpret it as “eternal rest.” For them, a requiem is an expression of an inconsolable grief for a man who has left forever, clothed with an established musical form. The Orthodox Church restricts such service to simple polyphony, which is not accompanied by music. The greatest distribution and development of such musical works fell on the Middle Ages.

The Requiem's ​​Role

A requiem is always a deeply sincere work, expressing endless grief.At various times, well-known composers worked in this musical genre: Bach, Handel, Beethoven and others.

Also the subject of the requiem can be traced in other art genres:

  • poetry;
  • painting;
  • cinema

Requiem does not lose its relevance in modern music. A number of foreign and Russian rock groups have in their repertoire compositions bearing such a name. Now you know what a requiem is and what its purpose is.