What is a rental?

Julia Bukatova
Julia Bukatova
May 13, 2015
What is a rental?

In our time, no one will be surprised by rental relations. They rent everything from residential and office real estate to children's toys. Next, consider what a lease and what types of it exist.

What does the term "rent" mean?

The term "lease" came to us from the Latin language and means "to lease." A lease is a form of a property contract between two parties, in which the property is transferred to the lessee for temporary use for the rent established by the contract.

The object of the lease can be any movable and immovable thing. For example, the land, the enterprise, various buildings and premises, transport, equipment, in short, everything that during operation retains its natural properties.

In the Russian Federation there are such types of leases as:

  • direct rent;
  • sublease (when leased property is already leased to a third party);
  • hiring (carried out when residential premises become the object of rent);
  • sublease (renting a dwelling from a main tenant by a third party).

In addition, our legislation provides for specific types of leases for various types of movable or immovable property. For example, leasing and rental. Leasing is a financial lease, according to which the landlord must buy the property selected by the tenant from a particular seller and transfer this property to the tenant for commercial purposes for a set fee. The rental contract is concluded only in cases when movable property is leased.