What is a hybrid?

Andrey Kim
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What is a hybrid?

A hybrid is an organism obtained as a result of the crossing of genetically different forms. Getting hybrids is a common practice in zoology and crop production. Specialists cross different breeds and varieties to produce species with new properties.

On the types and benefits of hybrids, see below.

What are the advantages of a hybrid?

A hybrid is an opportunity to combine the advantages of two in one organism. For example, there are two varieties of cucumbers, one variety has excellent resistance to disease, the second - early ripening. Proper breeding of these two varieties at the exit will give an early ripe and disease resistant hybrid.

Hybrids named

Each procedure of crossing always has a weighty theoretical substantiation, but, nevertheless, not all hybrids meet the expectations of researchers; at the same time, there are hybrids that are so successful that they even get individual names.

Bester is a hybrid of sterlet and beluga,it was obtained in the USSR in 1952, but it is still being deduced, since it combines the rapid growth of the beluga with the early maturation of sterlet. Bester is very prolific, has a length of up to 180 cm and weight up to 30 kg.

Also well-known hybrids: a mule - the result of crossing an ass and a horse, Kama - a hybrid of a single-humped camel and a lama, a liger - a hybrid of a lion and a tigress.

What is a hybrid in the automotive industry?

Today, the word hybrid can often be heard in relation to the car. In this case, it means a car that uses more than one energy source as a fuel, for example, a classic internal combustion engine and an electric motor-generator.