What is a complex sentence?

Alisa Verbova
Alisa Verbova
August 16, 2012
What is a complex sentence?

A sentence is a word or a group of interconnected words that express a complete thought. The sentences are simple and complex, and complex ones are divided into 4 types, one of which is complex sentences.

What is a complex sentence? This is a sentence that has a main part and one or more accessory parts. The accessory parts are dependent on the main, they are connected by subordinate unions or allied words. The additional part continues the main idea. For example: "I do not know who will refuse such an offer." The binding word here is the union word "who."

The dependent part is separated from the main comma or commas from two sides, if the subordinate clause is located inside the main comma.

Types of complex sentences: identifying, connecting, explanatory and adverbial. Briefly consider them.

  • Determinative subordinates answer the questions: which one? which one which one? what kind? They relate to a noun or pronoun, and the connection is carried out by alliances: how, so, exactly, like, like, etc., or allied words: what, whose, which, what, from where, when, where.

Example: "Peter read a book that he received as a gift for his birthday."

  • Connecting subordinate clauses complement the thought of the whole main part. They contain allied words: why, how, when, where, from where, where, what.

Example: "I never remembered this man that tormented me the whole next day."

  • Explanatory subordinate to the verb and answer questions of cases: koto? what? what to whom? what by whom? than? etc. A complex connection arises with the help of allied words: where, where, where, how, who, what, whose, which, why, why, how much; or unions: so that, as if, as if, as if.

Example: "The boy did not understand where the sound came from."

  • The circumstantial subordinate answers answer questions of ordinary circumstances and are divided into types: places, times, goals, causes, effects, etc.

Example: "Stars become visible when dusk sets in" (short time).