What flowers to plant in the country?

If you own a dacha, then for sure you want it to be cozy and beautiful. This will help you beautiful flowers in the country, which can be planted both throughout the site, and in several places. However, the choice is so great that often the summer resident is simply lost. Of course, everyone chooses the flowers he likes most to decorate his plot. However, this is not enough, you should take into account several factors, so that this beauty does not take you much time to care for her.

Features of the choice of flowers for giving

As a rule, there are always a lot of different things at the dacha, so choosing flowers requires that they do not take much time. That is why it is better to choose unpretentious flowers to give. In addition, they must be resistant to various pests and diseases, it is good to tolerate a lack of moisture, do not require long-term care, in the form of pruning, garters. However, few plants meet these requirements, but you can still find suitable ones.First of all, you should pay attention to perennial flowers. They require the cultivation of less time and labor than the annual. They need to be planted only once, and they will please you for several years. As a rule, perennial flowers for giving are stronger plants that are less affected by weeds and tolerate drought well.

Roses and Lilies

However, in the group of unpretentious perennials there is an exception that requires special treatment, and many gardeners simply can not refuse it - these are roses. They are very capricious, demanding, but their beauty and fragrance make you forget about their capriciousness to do everything so that they grow up contented. In addition to roses, you can pay attention to such representatives of perennials as lilies, which are great for giving. There are many varieties of this plant, they differ in shape, color, odor, height and timing of flowering. Lilies are propagated by bulbs, only buying them is better in stores, so you will have at least some guarantee of quality. When buying, you should pay attention to the packaging, which should contain the name of the variety, color and other parameters.


Lilies do not fit, try to look at clematis, which are perennial vines. They give a lot of shoots, the length of which sometimes reaches up to 4 m, besides they bloom profusely from June to October. Often, up to 500 flowers simultaneously bloom on one plant. Clematis are perfect for decorating arbors or arches. Plants propagate by two-year rooted cuttings.

Peonies and Dahlias

In addition, you can look at the peonies and dahlias, they are beautiful during the flowering period, and breed tubers. It is worth noting that even winter digging of peonies is not necessary, they can grow in one place for several years. These plants usually bloom in June - lush, large, terry flowers of white, pink or red. However, dahlias have a much greater variety of shades and sizes of colors. But their tubers for the winter will need to dig and re-plant in the spring. They bloom in August and September. As a rule, perennial flowers for summer cottages, photos of which can be found on the Internet, are distinguished by a wide variety of colors and shapes, which is why they are so popular. But to make your site stand out favorably, you can find more rare specimens and shades, but they will be much more expensive to stand.

Early spring flowers

To decorate the suburban area, you can consider the option with early spring flowers, which include daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, crocuses. They breed with bulbs, which will need to be planted in October. The advantage of these flowers is that they will delight you from the very early spring, but they do not bloom for long. From perennial spring flowers, you can look at the decorative poppy, which looks very bright, and blooms in June. This flower is propagated by a transplant of young plants. A good choice for giving will be gladioli, which bloom in mid-summer. However, their adorable floral arrows often reach a height of 1.5 m, so they require a garter. But such care is offset by their unique solemnity and varied colors. Gladiolus breeds corms, which should be planted in the spring.

Autumn flowers

Asking what flowers to plant in the country, you should pay attention to the autumn flowers. Their bright representative are chrysanthemums. They bloom beautifully from August to late autumn. The color of the flowers may be yellow, white, crimson. Especially decorative look stunted varieties.They multiply by dividing the bush. If you look closely to the annual flowers, then the most unpretentious can be attributed zinnias. They have a strong straight stem, which does not require a garter, are not damaged by diseases and pests. Flowers they are different, both simple and terry all sorts of shades, with the exception of blue. They bloom in July and August. If you have decided on the type of plants, it is important to know how to plant flowers in the country, so that they look favorable. You can plant them chaotically, and you can make them flower beds at a certain distance, so that all the neighbors are amazed at such beauty, and you, in turn, will be filled with pride for your site, which will please you every visit.