What films did Selena Gomez star in?

Natalya Galushko
Natalya Galushko
December 6, 2012
What films did Selena Gomez star in?

When we hear the name of Selena Gomez, Alex is immediately recalled from a television movie and the TV series “Wizards of Waverly Place” (not such an old TV series: 2007-2012). Or, say, Mackayla from Hannah Montana (TV series, 2006-2011). But, it turns out, despite the young age, on account of the young actress more than two dozen acting work. And this is not only work in movies. So, in response to the popular question of which films Selena Gomez starred in, it would be wrong to list only feature films. After all, the actress began her career on television.

And how do you voice Helga from the cartoon "Horton" (2008)? Or the Village in the cartoons "Arthur and the Ghoul Revenge" (2009) and "Arthur and the War of the Worlds" (2010)? They are voiced by Selena Gomez. Yes, and Mavis in the cartoon "Monsters on vacation" (2012) also speaks in her voice. Let's find out which films Selena Gomez starred in.

Films with Selena Gomez

  • “Spy Kids 3: The Game Over” (2003).Played a girl in the water park.
  • "Cool Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire" (2005). Played Julie.
  • “Another story about Cinderella” (2008). Played Mary Santiago.
  • “Barney. Countdown ”(2009). Played Gianna.
  • "Ramona and Beezus" (2010). Played Beesus Quimby.
  • Monte Carlo (2011). Played Grace.
  • "Muppets" (2011). She played herself.
  • "Otyaznye holidays" (2012). Played Faith.

And in 2013, shooting of the films “Escape” and “Feed the Dog” with the participation of Selena Gomez is planned. We look forward to their release on the screen.