Why dream of ice cream?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
February 27, 2015
Why dream of ice cream?

Ice cream - a popular dessert, it can often be seen in a dream. Most often, people find this symbol banal and not in a hurry to seek its interpretation, but it is better to err and find out what it foretells.

From our article it will be possible to find out why ice cream dreams.

General interpretation of the dream of ice cream

Ice cream can be called a dual symbol, because it can promise both pleasure and cold, and minor problems. So, if the dessert melted in a dream, then health problems should be expected; eat ice cream and get great pleasure from the process - to success in business and fun pastime.

Interpretation for women

Ice cream for a woman foreshadows success in all undertakings, so she can safely choose any project, it will be completed very well. If children have dreamed of, who are savoring ice cream and having fun, then fate will give the dreamer many happy moments. Moreover, this dream foreshadows replenishment of the budget and success in business.

Sometimes ice cream promises a new lover who will give the dreamer a heavenly delight. That's just the relationship will not last very long, but after meeting with a man there will be a pleasant aftertaste. To eat ice cream on a hot summer day - to meet with a long-time friend whom a woman has not seen for several years.

Interpretation for men

If a man in a dream ate ice cream in a cafe, he will have a pleasant pastime. However, his behavior will not be perfect, as a result, the dreamer will be ashamed of everything that happened.

There is a melted ice cream in a dream - to vain hopes. Most likely, the dreamer is trying to revive a relationship that has long outlived itself. However, he should not do this, it is better to let go of the situation and look to the future: he will surely find many prospects for himself.