Why dream fees? If you start to get ready in a dream

Sleep is a mirror of our subconscious and a small window into the future. By correctly interpreting the dream, you can avoid fatal mistakes and win the patronage of Fortune.

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Going to sleep
What do we dream fees in a dream?

Modern dream book

A dream in which you are going somewhere, says that in the near future for you the wind of change will blow and they will be directed only to the best. If this dream you had a dream in anticipation of any event, then you have a pleasant time, make new acquaintances and maybe even meet your destiny.

Getting married in a dream for a young girl means that she is too demanding of herself and her self-esteem is understated. You need to love yourself the way nature has created you, and life will change for the better. If in a dream you are going to quit your job - in reality you are unhappy with your profession.

Dream Dream Thelomena

To gather in a dream on a distant road foreshadows a successful outcome of any undertaking, a deal, a contract, a change in the type of activity, etc.However, such a dream warns that you need to show perseverance, confidence in yourself and your actions, at the moment you are too hesitant.

If in a dream you saw yourself collecting things on a long journey, then in real life a pleasant journey is possible.

Dream interpretation by Miller

A dream in which you are going to visit someone, but you don’t come to visit a person and do not come, foreshadows that in real life the plans and goals will not be realized, you will not be able to overcome the obstacles and difficulties encountered before you.

If in a dream you are going to go to the bath, then in reality you will encounter such circumstances before which you will be absolutely helpless. To dream of how you are going to make a purchase, but not enough for the desired means, promises a tangible profit from your own business. However, before you get it, you will need to spend a lot of effort and material resources.

Universal Dream

Universal dream book gives the answer to the question “what dreams to gather in a dream,” as doubt in your partner, spouse or loved one. This dream promises changes in relationships, but for the better they will or for the worse depends only on your efforts.

In a universal dream book, going to do something and not complete the plan promises problems at work or difficulties in running a business.

If you are going to study, in real life you need to relax a bit and spend more time with your friends.