Why dream of a big house?

February 27, 2015
Why dream of a big house?

Almost all people, according to statistics, want to know the interpretation of their dreams - this is how we are. As in a popular song once: “they want to know what will happen”! In this article we will tell, based on the opinions of some experts of dreams (dream books), what a big house dreams about.

  • In general, as they say, dreams about a big house foreshadow a positive one. Good luck in business, goodness in the family, the transition to a new standard of living, stage. And cleanliness, lighting in a big house - bringing order, feelings and thoughts to the proper order.
  • For men, the dream of a big house is most significant. Since the male principle implies clarity, integrity of thought and the tasks set, success in their fulfillment. All this, as they say, foreshadows a dream about a large light house for men.
  • For women, it is an opportunity to get married successfully (if not married), to arrange their family affairs, to well-being in terms of relatives and children.
  • When dreaming of a big house, you must first pay attention to the entourage, the so-called "little things of sleep."If, for example, there are many rooms in the house without furniture (empty), the walls are painted with light, high ceilings - to large and good changes in your life.
  • And if everything in a big house is in disarray, then you need to bring your thoughts to general attention in order to achieve good and bright goals.
  • The destruction seen in a dream about a big house, testify, on the contrary, about some troubles that threaten the family mood and comfort, the usual way of life.
  • If you dream that you are alone in an empty and big house - the fact that your loved ones will not support you in your endeavors will turn away in a short time.
  • If in a dream you cannot get into a big house full of people - acquaintances and strangers - to the deterioration of relationships with relatives and at work.