Why dream wallet?

Igor Gorbatyuk
Igor Gorbatyuk
August 9, 2012
Why dream wallet?

Surely such an attribute as a wallet, people dream not just. It would seem, of course, the wallet dreams of money. But is it always like this? Does this symbol of well-being always foreshadow profits? It all depends on the specific situation in the dream. Why dream wallet?

  • Most often, a wallet in a dream really symbolizes well-being. However, only if it looks complete;
  • If the wallet is empty, it means that in real life it will be empty in your pocket;
  • Keep the wallet in hand - in any case, to good health;
  • To find a trifle in your wallet - to petty troubles;
  • If there is a lot of money in your wallet - to profit;
  • To lose a purse in a dream - to sudden losses;
  • If in a dream a girl found a wallet, it means that in the near future she will be in love;
  • Leaky wallet foretells only poverty;
  • A purse full of precious stones is a change in attitude towards you;
  • Buy a wallet - start a profitable business;
  • Throw out a wallet - a high probability to throw money in real life "to the wind."