What door to put?

No repair, even the best and most expensive, will look good with old, ugly doors. But the choice of doors is not such a simple thing, it becomes clear when you start replacing doors. In order not to miscalculate in such an important matter, you certainly need to find out which door is best to put in this or that room.

Entrance door

Entrance doors for sale a great many, and the range of prices is also very large. But no matter what door you look at, all entrance doors must have a certain set of qualities:

  • The door must be strong to protect the owners of the house from outside interference.
  • There must be good locks on the door so that no one can penetrate it.
  • On the front door access control should be carried out: peephole, video control,
  • special glass.
  • Through the entrance door should not go out the heat and sounds.
  • The door should be beautiful on the outside and in harmony with the interior of the apartment.

So, what is the best door to put? Pay attention to the door leaf and trim.The door should be made of a single sheet of metal of sufficient thickness, preferably hot, not have welding seams, which can break up when you try to break. Be sure to install metal platbands to eliminate the possibility of breaking the door with the help of various devices.

It is not recommended that the inside of the door be hollow. Inside the door there must be special struts and insulating material: mineral wool, sawdust, foam, and so on. Along the perimeter of the door should be plastered with rubber gasket.

It is very important that the entrance door is equipped with special hinges that it is not easy for attackers to knock down. It can be hidden hinges or the so-called pins or fingers, which are equipped with modern doors.

Interior doors

Interior doors are not cheap, especially if there are a lot of them in your apartment. Choosing doors, you need to focus on both quality and price. It is not necessary to change the doors in the apartment one by one, it is better to install everything at once, as over time the doors of the desired model can be removed from production. So, what interior doors to put in the apartment?

Interior doors are:

  • Made from an array.
  • MDF doors
  • Masonite, that is, honeycomb.

Wooden doors, of course, the most beautiful, they can decorate the interior of any apartment. However, they have one major drawback, they are very expensive. The main thing is that they are properly manufactured, dried, stored in warehouses in proper conditions. The most expensive oak doors, because this material is strong and durable. Pine doors are much cheaper, however, the pine is soft and can be easily damaged.

Doors from MDF are cheaper than wooden ones. They are practical, long lasting, and resistant to high humidity. Outside, MDF doors are trimmed with either natural veneer made of various wood species, or veneer of artificial materials.

Masonite doors. These doors are two layers of plastic, inside of which there are honeycombs made of compressed cardboard. The main advantage of this type of door is their price. They look good enough, and can last up to 10 years, provided careful use. These doors are very light and never sag, they are easy to paint, are well transported, so if you do an inexpensive repair in an apartment where you plan to live for a short period of time, then these doors are your option.

Doors to the bathroom

When deciding which doors to put in the bathroom, you need to take into account everything we said about interior doors, with only one reservation: the door in the bathroom must be durable and moisture resistant. We often use the bathroom, so the door must be strong. A large amount of moisture and steam in this room should not spoil the door leaf.

You can put in the bathroom door of good wood. Expensive oak doors, in principle, should not be deformed from moisture, but pine doors should not be installed in the bathroom.

Doors of veneer can be put in this room, but they must be covered with a special varnish. Modern materials are well resistant to moisture, but still during the repair, take care of good ventilation in the bathroom. Great for bathroom glass doors. They are made of thick impact-resistant glass, withstand both moisture and heat and are even suitable for installation in a sauna.

Ventilation - an important point in the bathroom. When installing the door, good craftsmen leave a ventilation gap of 1-2 cm so that the moisture can erode from the room.But it is better not to keep the bathroom door closed all the time, especially if your doors are made of solid wood.

Door cost

When calculating the cost of the door, pay attention to the fact that the exhibition samples are usually put only the cost of the canvas, and the door is also a box, thresholds, trim, dobor. And all this is included in the price of your door. And usually after the final calculation, the price of your door increases about 2 times from the figure indicated on the price tag. Unfortunately, you cannot install one canvas (without all the rest of the equipment), so you won't be able to save on all these additional things.

Choosing which door to put, do not be lazy to look at the passport of the product, which indicates the quality of the goods you purchase. Many reputable companies usually do not skimp on the voluntary certification of their products.

Pondering what the front door is better to put, what doors to install in the room, do not rush. Think over the entire interior as a whole, think for how much money you may need to purchase doors. It is better if you get all the doors in one company so that they all fit together.

Evaluate the quality of the products offered, do not stint on good locks and fittings, it depends on them how your doors will work. And when everything is set in its place, you will understand that it was not for nothing that you devoted so much time and energy to this issue.