What does the name Valeria?

The name is very important for a person, because he hears him from birth to his death, how it sounds and what it means will largely depend on a person’s attitude to himself and his relationship with other people, and astrologers even assume that the name lays fate and the life course of man.

What does Valery's name mean, where did it come from and how does it translate: Valeria's name, like many other modern names, has Latin roots, it translates as healthy strong. Now it is used not only in Russia and neighboring countries, but in Europe and in the west, but there it sounds more often like Valerie.

What does the name of Valery, if we are talking about the character traits and psychological qualities of the owner of such a name?

  • Valeria has a complex unpredictable character. She is guided by emotions and her behavior and reactions often depend on whether she’s got up from that leg or what happened in the last 10 minutes. For no apparent reason, she can be offended by people, and her mood changes suddenly and as if from scratch. She can be gloomy and gloomy and after a very short time she is already cheerful and carefree, and you have no idea how and at what point such changes occurred.
  • It is not constant and unpredictable, it constantly changes its plans and can suddenly get off the ground or, on the contrary, it is easy to give up on our plans. She can change her opinion about a certain place, phenomenon or person many times, depending on the mood she has encountered or that she has learned about it new.
  • She is cheerful with a good sense of humor, but quick-tempered. Any little thing can make her angry or jealous, while for her it will be a very good reason, so she is inclined to make an elephant out of a fly.
  • Being close to her is difficult, it is easy to hurt and offend her, she is jealous and sensitive because of what she often has disputes and scandals with relatives. But worse are not the scandals with rather obvious accusations and arguments, but her incomprehensible sudden actions that she can perform under the influence of her mood. It is perfectly normal for her to go to an unfamiliar city alone or for example to shave her head. It is completely incomprehensible what to expect from her, so it is better not to put her off balance.
  • She is contradictory in her desires and can at the same time want opposing things, while she is quite purposeful and can move to the desired, but her own unpredictability can make her turn at the last moment.However, she is capricious and can demand from others more than they can give her.
  • She is incredulous and in no hurry to open up to new people, while if someone won her trust, she would take him on all sides as a positive person, even if it is not.
  • She is not difficult to perform household duties, she copes well with them, and to create comfort and a warm atmosphere in the house she even likes. And in the end she can become a homebody who does not like noisy parties and trips to visit.
  • Valeria is a mysterious girl, no one knows what is on her mind, what she wants or what she will do the next minute, this makes communication with her exciting and interesting, but very difficult.