What does snake tattoo mean?

Once on the beach of Goya, I saw a girl with a snake tattoo all over her back. The tattoo was made in color and volume. The tail of the ancient reptile lay on the bare shoulder of the girl, the body of the snake twisted on its back, emphasizing all the curves of the body of the young girl, and the head with a forked tongue and yellow eyes rested on her tailbone. Awesome sight - intriguing and sexy.

What does snake tattoo mean

The snake is an ancient symbol that personifies both life and death. The snake, swallowing its tail, is a ring - a sign of Zero or infinity of being. She is a treacherous murderer and an unsurpassed healer. The snake "dies" in the cold, falling asleep from a decrease in body temperature, and comes to life in heat. It is updated, throwing off your skin at a certain time of nature. It breeds with eggs, and the egg is a symbol of integrity and self-sufficiency.

Tattoos with a snake are always ambiguous, and their symbolism is always twofold. They symbolize both masculine and feminine.The serpent is divine wisdom and low passion, deadly poison and near healing, keeper of the secret and destroyer of the manifest, spiritual rebirth and fertilizing power. The snake is also a phallic symbol, personifying the "husband of all women" - the tempter snake.

In female tattoos, the snake carries the wisdom and cunning, mystery and mystery required of women. And also her natural intuitiveness and unpredictability, because the snake appears and disappears always unexpectedly. The snake symbolizes natural instincts, both the most base and the highest - sex and motherhood.

In male tattoos, the snake is a symbol of power, fertilizing masculine strength, the cyclical nature of life, invincibility and courage. And at the same time, the snake on the body of a man personifies the killer and the temptation, strength and treachery, fertility and death.

What does the tattoo of a snake on the body in the criminal world

The snake - a symbol of wisdom, power and eternity - in the criminal environment is called a creeping reptile. Tattoos with snakes are applied both on the bodies of thieves in the law, and on the bodies of lower criminals - "roosters". The whole difference in the plot of tattoos, on which you can determine the caste to which the convict belongs.

On the body of the thief in law, the snake wraps itself around the crown, and in its mouth holds an apple.Such a tattoo tells that everything is perishable. In this context, the crown is a symbol of the power of the fittest, the snake is the wisdom of the thieves' laws, and the apple is the temptation of the weak in spirit. In the plot may be present and the skull with empty eye sockets, and daggers twined with snakes, and other prison romance.

On the body of the "rooster" the plot with the snake is always the same - a snake wraps around the figure of a naked woman. The value of such tattoos is also one thing - in front of you is a passive homosexual. Without romance. After being released from imprisonment under the headdress, the inscription: “Two friends” is often clogged. A former convict explains his tattoo that betrayed him and threw a woman when he was in prison. Or that he killed her and her lover, for which he went to prison. In general, thus trying to whitewash his past prison romantic stories.

As you can see, tattoos with a snake should be chosen very carefully so as not to end up in a very ridiculous situation, having undressed on the beach at least the Kolyma, even Peter, though Sochi. And to put a tattoo with snakes on your body should be meaningful. Masters of tattoo salons warn that the carrier of such a underwear masterpiece can only be very strong in spirit formed individuals.Otherwise, a snake can influence its owner negatively, bringing all the darkest sides of its essence into its life.