What do snakes dream of a woman - interpretation of a dream by dream book

Reptiles in many people cause a sense of danger and anxiety. Not surprisingly, I want to quickly decipher the dream and understand what the snakes are dreaming of a woman. After all, such dreams greatly frighten girls, instilling in them suspicion and anxiety. In order not to be tormented by vague doubts, but to know exactly what to expect from life in general and from the near future in particular, you should turn to popular dream books and look for interpretations about snakes in them. To obtain detailed information and more detailed interpretation, it is best to correctly assess the context of what is seen in nighttime dreams.

According to the Muslim dream book

If you believe the Muslim dream book, it reveals the image of a snake seen in a dream for a woman, as the personification of protection, patronage, power. Everything indicates that the higher forces bestow their strength on the representative of the fair sex and protect her.

To see in a dream a snake on hands is a good symbol.Such a sign predicts success in business, the strengthening of business, raising the career ladder, in general, improving the situation in the workplace. Chance to receive a bonus or salary increase.

On a note! If you remember that you were not afraid of the snake at all or that it was very obedient to you, this indicates a rise soon. Also, such a dream promises to strengthen the financial situation.

A completely different interpretation has a dream in which a snake stings a woman who is married. Such a dream means danger. It tells you what it is worth being constantly alert. Otherwise, you expect frustration and frustration. Should be careful and vigilant. No need to be frank and gullible. This can take advantage of your detractors. Be careful not to tell strangers about your plans. Enemies can take advantage of such information and disrupt all your projects.

By Gypsy Dream Book

In his own way he allows to interpret a dream connected with snakes, Roma dream book. So, what can these frightening images mean to a woman? Here are a few possible interpretations:

  • the snake crawls from one side to the other - to illnesses, black and naked envy, unhappiness, sorrow, imprisonment;
  • to kill a reptile - to victory over envious and cunning ill-wishers;
  • just to see a snake - to the appearance in your social circle of crafty, cunning, cunning people who make bad plans towards you.

According to Wangi's dream book

A lot of different interpretations of such dreams gives the dream book Vanga. Here a lot depends on the details and the general context seen in night dreams.

If you dreamed of a whole snake snarl, it speaks of a bad sign. A large number of bad people with black thoughts and evil intentions have accumulated in your surroundings. They are envious and trying to hurt, especially in business, business and career. Some of them openly wish you to die.

When dreamed of a creeping creep along the ground, this may portend a close struggle with ill-wishers. We should expect an attack of the enemy, who has been dragging intrigues for a long time and is plotting machinations. At the same time, to see a non-poisonous snake - to an easy victory over the envious. If the snake was poisonous, then you can hardly overcome the enemy. Probably, he is much stronger than you.

If a woman dreams of a snake, which is quietly and peacefully curled in a ring, it can predict a danger. At the moment, the enemy is quiet. But one should not regard it as their rejection of their black plans. Most likely, they are just waiting for the right moment to deliver the fatal blow.

The reptile's bite in dreams threatens with the collapse of hopes and grandiose disappointments. Perhaps you will be betrayed by a very close person, the trust in which was unlimited. Most likely, you will have to search for a long time for the reasons for your own failures. But the whole thing is the machinations of a loved one, which you could not even think badly.

On a note! There is a high probability that this ill-wisher does not just plot against you. He really decided to live with the light of the dreamer, for which he resorted to the forces of black magic.

A very bad sign is to see a huge snake in a dream. It is a symbol of tragedy and great sorrow. No less a bad symbol, in which a colossal negative energy is laid, is a big snake entwining and squeezing a person’s throat. Such night dreams act as a warning about serious illnesses. Perhaps someone close to them is on the verge of life and death.

On a small dream book Veles

Several interesting interpretations give such dreams with snakes for girls and women a small Veles dream. The snake, which quietly creeps, for the fair sex - this is a bad sign, which personifies illness and envy. If you dream of aspid stinging you, such a dream may predict:

  • sorrows;
  • quarreling;
  • small and big troubles;
  • the harm that a stranger can do;
  • disappointments;
  • anxiety.

Heralds illnesses, betrayals, injuries, accusations of sorcerers, deception, imprisonment, attacks of enemies, a dream in which a lady sees a serpent. Also this image personifies slyness, seduction, appearance of ungrateful and very cunning people. If you are dreaming about how you are killing or simply striking a viper, this image inspires confidence in the future. Perhaps all detractors you can get around and overcome.

If you dream of being afraid of a creeping thing or are afraid to meet him, this foreshadows a great danger. Carries her very harmful, angry and cunning person. When you have speculated that the snake is chasing you and overtaking you, it is worthwhile to fear secret enemies,succession of problems and the onset of the black band in life.

Note! Especially not good for girls and women to dream of a snake or a viper. This is a bad sign, generally carrying a negative energy.

According to Miller's dream book

The dream of Miller interprets in great detail and in detail for married and free women dreams associated with snakes. Such images always carry a warning. They help you understand that evil is nearby, and make you alert.

So, if a married or free woman dreams thatsting asp, this may indicate possible suffering in the near future. Also seen snake bite can predict:

  • anger;
  • hypocrisy of an imaginary friend;
  • appearance in your social circle unreliable and dishonest person.

Unfortunately, most likely, such a dream promises you a loss in a fight with the enemy. The main thing that will be dealt damage is a career. If you dreamed that a reptile in your hands suddenly releases a sting, this is a bad sign. He acts as a forerunner of the blues, diseases, inability to resist the attacks of ill-wishers.

It is dreaming how you kill a snake - to develop plans for achieving your goals.Most likely, you will not stop at anything in order to get what you want.

If a married woman dreams of having a child behind her, she is worried about him, because she understands that there are snakes nearby, a dream brings you a warning. Soon you will be forced to give up something very important and expensive. The motivation is simple - it is for your own good. You will agree, but very quickly realize a huge mistake. In fact, you will be shrouded in intrigue. Involve in a dirty and dishonest game. You will prove to be just a pawn in the hands of an unkind man.

Many small snakes dreamed - to deception. There will be people in your house or environment, including men, to whom you will be wholehearted, but they will answer you with cunning and gossip.

If a married woman dreams of a child playing with snakes, this dream spells doubt. Probably, it will be difficult for you to understand where the enemies are, and where are the friends.

Often a woman dreams of how her hair turns into a ball of large vipers and small snakes. This image is hardly prophetic. But he can promise you irrelevant efforts. However, in the future they can deliver to you:

  • serious trouble;
  • exhausting efforts;
  • extra worries.

According to the meridian dream book

Some interpretations of sleep, in which snake bites appear, give the dream book of Meridian. He interprets such images as troubles and quarrels. See a lot of reptiles, a tangle - to betrayal and treason. In the near future you will not be able to marry.

If the snake dreams of a girl right in her house, the dream book of Meridian foreshadows a serious danger. There is a high risk that misfortune will happen, but at this time you will be away from home. Small snake bites can prophesy petty evil and vile dirty tricks that cause a lot of inconvenience, but are not fatal.