What do people eat?

At the present time in the diet of modern man is found not only a variety of different products, but also a variety of nutritional supplements. In this article we will look at what modern people eat and what their ancestors, the inhabitants of the Stone Age, ate.

The diet of the ancient man

The diet of a person who lived in the Stone Age is significantly different from the diet of the current, modern person. At that time it was impossible to find sugar or salt in the form in which it is found now, and the same fruit was considered a real luxury. Basically, the ancient people ate plant and animal food. Fat in the diet was extremely small. Basically, among the substances consumed by man were vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. Moreover, there was a lot of fiber: up to 100 grams and more per day.

Those tribes that were in areas rich in fruit food, could afford a lot of fructose in the diet. Some tribes found a place for themselves where they could successfully hunt wild animals. Meat people consumed mostly dry and lean.It contained many useful acids. It was a very balanced meal. It is hard to believe, but ancient people often understood food better than residents of medieval Europe or even modern people.

Ancient people mainly hunted rhinos, deer, marine mammals. In his diet were nuts, various roots, leaves of plants. Of these, he even made various tinctures, which were very useful for the body, there was practically no salt in the food of the ancient man, much less smoked food. Much later, the ancient people discovered the method of cooking vegetables, meat and other products. The ancient people used to us salads were also prepared without salt. At the same time, they used special dishes made of baked clay.

How many calories consumed by ancient people

It should be noted that the ancient people consumed a huge amount of calories. At the same time he moved a lot. According to scientists, on the day of the ancient people burned from three thousand calories and above. This was due to the fact that the ancient people got up very early, went hunting, hunted. A lot of time and effort was taken by the return trip, especially if the hunt was successful.

At the present time, people do not think about how many calories they consume. It is obvious that the main problem for a modern person is not a lack of food at all, but an overabundance of it. Food of a modern person is literally saturated with fats, often not useful, but harmful - those that are deposited in his body, forming cholesterol plaques.

What do modern people eat?

The healthiest cuisine is the cuisine of the peoples of Asia. It is rich in plant foods and low in fat.

Increasingly, in the diet of a modern person, one can find dietary supplements that can be useful, but at the same time, if used incorrectly, they can harm the body. The main difference between the diet of modern man from the power of ancient people is that in modern food there is a huge amount of salt. Moreover, salt can now be bought in every store. The same goes for sugar.

Modern man, despite the active brain activity, requires an order of magnitude fewer calories than the ancient one required. According to the calculations of scientists, modern man compared with the ancient consumes the same number of calories, but at the same time it burns two times less per day.