What bath to take?

Anastasia Pavlova
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What bath to take?

Weekdays, as a rule, are difficult, because there is no easy work. Coming from work, a person wants to relax and wash off all the dirt, sweat and dust deposited on the skin. And this is correct, because, in addition to dirt, a person removes many bacteria.

Only cleansing, which gives a bath, will allow you to restore normal health, quickly relieve fatigue and stress. During bathing, the pores of the skin open, their work is normalized, which means that the skin can breathe again. Properly selected supplements help not only to restore strength, but also to cheer up, relax, tone the skin. What bath to take?

Soothing bath

Such a bath will help to relax after a hard day at work, and in spring it will be especially relevant. After all, spring is the time when the lack of vitality is felt especially acutely. It is better to take a bath after a preliminary shower. So, dissolved in water, additives quickly penetrate the skin.How to take a bath to calm down and relax? To prepare a soothing bath, it is enough to add 2 handfuls of salt to it and soak in this solution for 15 minutes. Water should not be more than 35 degrees. Weekly procedures will help you quickly regain normal health.

Grass baths

Useful for skin herbs and fees will quickly get rid of acne and blackheads. Ingredients: St. John's wort, chamomile, dried grains of juniper, lavender flowers - all 25 grams. A lime blossom, thyme, peppermint - 50 grams each, must be tightly tied in a gauze bag. After that, the bag is lowered into a saucepan with 2 liters of water and boiled. Pure broth without sticks and grains is poured into a bath filled with water. Soften the skin helps the addition of a decoction of flax seeds and chamomile. 100 grams of each ingredient in the same way wrapped in a bag and cooked in a separate pan. The girl takes a bath with such decoctions, and her skin becomes soft and tender.

Bath regenerating power

A warm bath, which should be taken no longer than three minutes, with the addition of pineapple extract will quickly raise the tone, restore energy and charge the person with forces.Additionally, you can hold a massage using a hard brush made of natural materials. Starting with the work on the feet, you need to rise above and carefully massage the whole body.

Chest bath

To recover after a hard day, you can add three tablespoons (about 60 grams) of pine extract, as well as some eucalyptus oil, to the bath. In this bath you need to rest no longer than 15 minutes. Relaxing, you can read your favorite book, listen to music or make a mask for hair.

Means for bathing are different: essential oils, salts, foams, herbs.