What are the troops?

Victoria Dmitrieva
Victoria Dmitrieva
January 9, 2013
What are the troops?

The Russian Army in its present form was created in 1992 on May 7. Even after multiple cuts, it remains one of the largest in the world and so great that it’s not easy to understand what the troops are.

The general structure of the Russian Armed Forces

The standard question of a draftee, “And what kind of troops will I be sent to?” Can be commented like this. The structure of an almost million army outwardly seems simple. These are the three types of the Armed Forces, three independent branches of the armed forces, the central military command, the rear of the armed forces, the quartering service and the arrangement of the troops. But, examining this structure in more detail, the uninitiated person can go all round from the diversity of the armed forces.

Types of Russian Armed Forces

When choosing which troops to serve in, consider the following.

  1. The main and mass type of the Russian Armed Forces is the Ground Forces. They include such common lines as: Motorized Rifle, Tank, Rocket Forces, Air Defense Forces. As well as special ground forces (engineering, communications, automotive, railway, electronic warfare troops).
  2. The second type is the Air Force.He also has many clans: Long-Range Aviation, Frontline and Army, Military Transport, Special Aviation, Anti-aircraft Missile Forces, Radio Engineering Forces.
  3. The Navy is the third main type of the Armed Forces. The branch of the Navy is underwater and surface forces. Units of Naval Aviation and the Coast Guard Forces. Marine brigades and fleet special units.

Certain branches of the Armed Forces

Responsible and important tasks are also carried out by individual branches of the Armed Forces. These are the Strategic Missile Forces, the Airborne Forces and the youngest kind - the Aerospace Defense Forces.

Additional military information

All these powerful forces are distributed geographically in four military districts of Russia: Western, Southern, Central, Eastern.

The armed forces of the Russian Federation currently uses a mixed system. In the ranks of the Armed Forces enter the contract and conscript servicemen. One calendar year - the service life of the call. The main criterion for recruitment is health. Basically it depends on the state of health, in which troops they take the young man of military age and whether he is fit at all.

Understanding the diversity of the Armed Forces of Russia, it is difficult to determine which troops are better. Each type of sun is unique due to the fact that it performs its individual functions that no one else will professionally perform. By this he is valuable. How valuable any soldier, sailor or officer, is in his place in the ranks of the Armed Forces.