What are the sharks called?

We are accustomed to consider the shark a bloodthirsty predator, meeting with which for a person means real death. However, there are approximately 350 species of sharks in the world, and only 27 of them are actually dangerous to humans. It is, of course, impossible to list and characterize all species within a single article, but we will tell about the main families and their representatives, as well as their characteristics.

What are the sharks

To begin, consider the main families of sharks.

  • Sand sharks are one of the most dangerous species. It is found in Australia, the Atlantic Ocean, on the coast of North America and off the African coast.
  • Gray sharks are also a dangerous family, with more than 60 different species. Its representatives are often referred to as mourning, as the meeting with these sharks, as a rule, ends in inevitable death.
  • The fierce sharks are a rare species that is found only in the East Atlantic, as well as in Japan.
  • Herring sharks are considered the most dangerous species, whose representatives are called cannibals.They inhabit the marine waters of the southern hemisphere.
  • The family of giant sharks is considered harmless to humans. This is one of the largest species that is found off the coast of China, New Zealand, Japan and Australia.
  • Whale sharks are also distinguished by their huge size. This species is found in the tropical zones of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean.
  • The family of prickly sharks is endowed with a poisonous spike on its back, which is a great danger to humans. They live in the Atlantic and Pacific, and also sail to Australia.
  • Common toothed sharks are deep-sea animals. They are common in the Mediterranean, in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
  • Representatives of feline sharks are not distinguished by their large size. They inhabit all oceans and seas.

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Names of shark species and their characteristics

Now we should consider the name of the sharks belonging to the above families and the most famous in the world.

The family of sand sharks includes two main species, which practically do not differ from each other.The first representative of the family - the Australian sand shark, called one of the most dangerous in the world. It has several rows of long, sharp teeth, and its length is often almost 5 meters.

The family of gray sharks are two known and very dangerous species - the bull gray shark and the tiger shark. The bull shark is often called the blunt snake or bull shark. She lives in all oceans and often swim in the river. This species is considered very aggressive and dangerous to humans. The second species is the tiger shark, whose body is covered with characteristic spots that disappear with age. Most attacks on humans occur precisely by representatives of this species. She has very powerful jaws, which instantly cut even the biggest prey. Therefore, a tiger shark can also swallow another shark.

The fierce shark resembles a reptile because of a snake-like head. It is deep water. This species feeds mainly on octopuses.

The great white shark is the most famous representative of the herring shark family. The length of her teeth is up to 5 centimeters. This predator is famous for the habit of swallowing its prey entirely.

The six-gab shark, belonging to the family of comb-toothed sharks, is about 5 meters long. This species is unique in that it most resembles its prehistoric ancestors. On the topic, read our article How does a shark.

The shark, which is called the sea fox, is of great interest to scientists. This is the only species that uses its own tail for food. It is the tail that is the main weapon of its representatives, since they have small teeth and relatively weak jaws. With the help of the tail, the sea fox suppresses the fish, and then swallows it.