What are linear arrays for?

The choice of loudspeakers is incredibly wide and can even confuse an experienced professional. An incredible assortment of modern stores is in many respects the result of brand competition, and not the needs or needs of users. And yet, due to the fact that in the model lines there are a lot of speaker systems presented, manufacturing companies satisfy the demand of a wide range of consumers - professionals and amateurs.

Line Arraysare special high-performance speakers for professional use. It is he who serves large-scale concert events. In the online store Muzlayn.YU speaker catalog contains the most popular models of linear arrays for large and small halls, clubs and studios.

Features and application

Linear arrays

Branded linear arrays are characterized by the following features:

  • high productivity;
  • versatility;
  • spectacular design
  • functional configuration.

It is thelinear arraysthat represent the most extensive class of concert speakers, providing powerful balanced sound that optimally and adequately reflects the frequency pattern of the reproduced audio material.

Modern LM is a set of speakers that make up a high-power audio complex. Due to its properties and technical capabilities, it allows achieving stunning sound quality in difficult acoustic conditions, uniformly transmitting sound waves around the perimeter of a room, no matter what size or shape it is. Professionals like to use linear arrays in long rectangular rooms, with space stretched into a “tube”. In such rooms, traditional point acoustic systems give a very dirty noisy sound, scatter the sound or vice versa, "shoot" in a certain frequency range, and therefore are used extremely rarely.

The sound field that is created by a linear array is more precise control and has a minimum of “harmful” reflections, becausethe sound spreads evenly in all directions indoors.

There are several varieties of linear arrays — with or without built-in amplifiers, with integrated processors and equalizers that significantly expand the possibilities of working with sound and turn the speaker system into a flexible and efficient tool for solving creative and technical problems.