What are dogs afraid of?

In the article we will consider various cases of canine fears. You will learn what dogs are afraid of and how their owners can deal with it. Now let's talk separately about each case.

If the dog is afraid of people

This may occur for several reasons, but most often such cases occur in those animals that have suffered from various kinds of grievances. Moreover, cases where the dog is afraid of absolutely everyone, almost never occur. Usually, a dog does not tolerate the societies of a certain category of people — for example, young men or children, or all men. Of course, this has its own reason - it means that once a person from this category offended an animal. How to wean a dog to be afraid of people? I will say right away: the process of habituation will not take place quickly and, of course, the owner’s active help is needed. First, in no case do not scold the animal - it will only worsen the situation. On the contrary, calm and pet the dog to show her that she is not alone. It is also very useful if there is a person among your friends who falls under the category of persons the dog is afraid of.Let a friend come to visit you, talk to a dog - sooner or later the dog's fears will subside.

If the dog is afraid of the street

It is also a very common fear and they should be dealt with preferably even from puppyhood. If the dog is already an adult, take it out for a walk in the early morning and late evening, and in the afternoon - at first for a few minutes, so that she has time to do her work. Then gradually increase the time of day walks - so your faithful friend will sooner or later get used to the street and stop experiencing the stress of walking. By the way, puppies should be taught to the street in the same way. And what if the dog is afraid of transport? In fact, this problem is also being solved - and very successfully. The only thing is that the owner needs to step over the pity and, dragging the dog into a bus, trolleybus, tram or train, travel the desired distance with it, while firmly clutching the animal. This procedure should be repeated "until complete cure." Do not hesitate - gradually the dog will get used to the transport and completely stop worrying, and your joint trips will become a real pleasure.

If the dog is afraid of other dogs

If you have a puppy, then you need to gradually accustom him to be in the society of his relatives, no matter how he was a coward. It is desirable that the puppy communicated with peers, then, having matured, he will not be afraid of other dogs at all. And remember: the lack of communication in childhood can make your dog not only cowardly, but also aggressive, so let your “little girl” frolic with his little congeners plenty. Gradually, he completely ceases to be afraid of them. The main thing is to choose for him to communicate not malicious neighbors, then everything will be fine. If the dog is already adult and suffered from other dogs, then the help of your friends or familiar dog breeders will be needed here. Take your pets on a leash and stand close to each other. If your dog starts to be afraid, then you need to give the command “beside” in a calm and confident voice and seat her. You do not need to praise or scold the animal. An excessively aggressive team-mate, the other owner should reassure the fu team. Seeing your confident, calm behavior, your dog will gradually get used to others. Gradually, the distance between dogs can be reduced, and dogs can be changed, if there is such an opportunity.It is also very useful not only to sit, but to walk on a leash not far from the owners with other dogs. If they start to rush at yours, the owners should punish them, and you give the command “next” in an even and calm voice. It is necessary to praise animals only when during the whole exercise they will behave in a decorous and noble manner.

If the dog is afraid of the owner

Such cases are also not uncommon. Moreover, this happens if the owner refers to the type of people from whom the dog has suffered enough “in the past life”. In this case, will help gradual addiction. Do not rush and in any case scold the animal and do not shout at him. Speak to the dog in a gentle and calm voice. Let the dog see how you take care of it, apply food, pour water. First you need to do this: put the food and quietly stand back, as if you had nothing to do with it. Thus, I taught not to be afraid even of my kenar, who jumped from the perch to the trough as soon as I began to pour food there. If even a tiny bird can be taught by calm actions not to be afraid of yourself, then in the case of a dog you are almost guaranteed success.