What are abilities?

“What a capable student!” - the teachers were surprised at the school. "You definitely have the ability to learn foreign languages," they urged you in English courses.

In this article we will tell you what abilities are and what human abilities depend on, and also tell you whether it is possible to develop these qualities in yourself.


In a broad sense, abilities are individual psychological characteristics of an individual that help him cope with a certain type of activity faster and more qualitatively than most other people.


Depending on in which sphere of human activity the strengths of the personality are most clearly manifested, the following types of abilities are distinguished:

  1. General mental capacity is a certain mindset in which the individual is able to quickly cope with the majority of the questions and problems arising before him.
  2. Musical. The manifestation of this type of ability is the presence of a good ear for music, the ability to memorize the rhythm and mood of the melody heard and to reproduce it exactly, the presence of good vocal, fast learning of playing musical instruments, etc.
  3. Literary - are manifested in the ability of a person to express their thoughts on paper in a logical and smooth manner. People with literary abilities have a well developed observation, imagination and expressiveness of the language.
  4. Constructive-technical - developed spatial and combinatorial thinking, the ability to understand the mechanisms of operation of various technical devices, to predict their behavior in different situations and ways of further development.
  5. Physical or athletic abilities are manifested in people with a well-developed physique. The components of good physical abilities are not only well-developed muscles, but also parameters such as endurance, speed, flexibility, etc.
  6. Training - the ability to quickly perceive and analyze most of the information received and apply it in practice in the future.
  7. Artistic and pictorial. What is creativity? This is the presence of creative thinking or, in other words, the ability to correctly combine the proportions, colors and textures of objects, notice interesting details in the surrounding space, express themselves through creativity, etc.
  8. Mathematical - the presence of a well-developed mathematical memory, the ability to express thoughts clearly and simply, to make in the mind complex mathematical and economic calculations, etc.

There are many other special abilities, but we will not dwell on them.

Now, when we accurately imagine what human abilities are, it becomes absolutely clear that it is impossible to develop abilities in ourselves. They are formed at you from birth under the influence of genetics and external circumstances. Those children who have the ability to manifest themselves most vividly in childhood are called gifted children. If you have never shown special interest and extraordinary skills in any matter, you can try to develop the skill of a business, but not the ability.